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Monday, January 31, 2022

Undoing Time by Rachel Dacus πŸ’• Book Blast and $20 Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Time-Travel Romance)

A thrilling tale of time travel, romance, and espionage.

Liv Pomeroy’s high hopes and lavish lifestyle come horribly undone when her fiancΓ© runs off with her maid of honor. Swearing off love forever, she goes on a summer escape to Florence, Italy. Agreeing to help her cousin May raise funds for an art restoration project, Liv is astonished to find they share a genetic gift for undoing time. Soon she’s joining a team of time travelers who rescue history from those who would change it. And fighting her attraction to a sexy time traveling colleague, who just might turn out to be working for the wrong side in the American Revolution. A thrilling tale of time travel, romance, and espionage.


In the dark, Liv barely could see his eyes as he whispered, “Tell me no if you don’t want me to kiss you.”

What a reversal from the judgy Tom who had practically called her a princess. She made him wait. She didn’t say No. She was two glasses of wine into reckless.

She whispered, “Yes.”

The exhilaration of knowing he’d been drawn to her from the first. He was like too much of that good Chianti, and she only wanted more.

But Tom quickly broke the kiss. She gasped. He didn’t move, holding her shoulders, but now looking down at her from so close. How far would she let this go? The sensation of his mouth lingered on hers, but he let go of her shoulders and grabbed her hand.

“I want to show you something. Will you come with me?”

“Yes,” she gasped, wondering if she could walk.

He pulled her along. Did this man never saunter?

“Look, I’m in heels—”

Suddenly, her heels were sinking into sandy dirt. She blinked under the bright sun. They were near another waterworks, but this one was a mill. It was daytime, and the water splashed down the ladder of the water wheel, making a different rhythmic music. Nearby was a rough wooden building. Clearly, they were somewhere else in space and time.

“This is where I work, one of my history projects,” Tom said, keeping his tight grip on her hand.

Liv tried to quell the shaking in her legs. She hadn’t meant for Tom to take her back in time. She began to gasp and felt she might drop to her knees. Instead, she clutched Tom’s hand as hard as she could. He reached around her waist to hold her up.

His eyes widened as he looked at her. “You said you wanted to see. Are you okay?”

“Is this the Gold Rush—here?”

Tom shrugged and smiled. “Yes. This is about three months after they discovered gold in the stream. In 1849.”

The shock quivered through her stomach and legs.

He held onto her waist and asked again. “Everything okay?”

She barely managed to stand upright but said, “Sure. Only I wasn’t expecting …”

She didn’t want to be accused of being Miss Pacific Heights. The feeling of his hands around her waist strengthened her. She was now oriented to his touch, wherever they were.

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Love and a new life await May Gold in history. She just doesn't know she can time travel to find it. But a magical tour guide helps her meet her hero and awaken her passion.

"Enchanting, rich and romantic, a poetic journey through the folds of time," says bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale.

May, a frustrated young art historian, is touring Italy with a heart full of troubles. Her career has stalled, her boyfriend won't commit, and her vindictive boss is along on the tour. May’s only happiness is to daydream, imagining herself in the arms of her hero, 17th century artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. It can't hurt because he's long dead, right?

Everything changes when she meets their tour guide, George St. James. While touring St. Peter's in Rome, May falls through the curtains of time and finds herself staring straight into the eyes of the fiery genius Bernini. Instant attraction blazes to life, as the 17th century takes stock of the 21st. May gives him a recap of his life to establish her credentials as a historian. A surprised Bernini laughs and appoints her his biographer.

When thrust back into her own time, May gives up on this impossible love and tries to adjust to her bleak reality. But as the tour progresses, she meets Bernini again and again. Each time their passion increases. She knows she belongs with him, but how can she live out her life in his century? And May must find a way, or doom her love to the dust of history.

Immerse yourself today in this sweeping fantasy of romance, Italy, art, and the Renaissance.


“Rachel Dacus deftly crafts a unique and spellbinding twist to the time-traveling adventure that’s perfect for fans of Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon.” -- Kerry Lonsdale, Wall .Street Journal bestselling author.

“A fine tale of time travel, romance, and adventure.”

From the Author:
Thank you for considering The Renaissance Club, Book 1 in the Timegathering Series. These books can be read in any order as standalone stories:

Book 1, The Renaissance Club, features a young art historian who meets her artist hero from the past while on a guided tour of Northern Italy, May Gold goes unexpectedly time traveling, coming face-to-face with her idol, Gianlorenzo Bernini. In this romantic fantasy, May finds that the man of her dreams might not be everything she imagined, but taking the risk to cross the centuries could change everything in her future and his.
Book 2, The Time Gatherer, follows a young man as he learns how to control his genetic ability to travel in time. Becoming a historian, he uses his gift for research but falls for his subject, the artist Elisabetta Sirani in the 17th century Italy. But his enemies from the future endanger them both, and saving her future could erase his own — yet he has to try.

Book 3 is Undoing Time. It introduces Liv Pomeroy, a young heiress who's just been jilted nearly at the altar and who discovers her little knack of jumping ahead in time may expose her to many dangers, not the least of which is falling in love again.

The Timegathering Series
What if you had the gene that let you step into the past or future? George St. James, a magical time travel tour guide, helps his travelers do just that, finding romance, adventure, intrigue, and discovering their own potential in travels in history. But scientists from the future are hunting time travelers, and will even overturn history to achieve their goals. George's time team aims to stop them and preserve the timeline as we know it.


A time traveler finds love in the past, but enemies target his beloved. Can he bend time to save her – and will it erase his future? “A gripping tale of time travel, adventure, and romance, and the courage to sacrifice everything for love.”

What does an average teenager do if he finds out he has a talent for slipping through time? First things first – attend a historic rock concert and try to join the band. Or play in the forests of medieval France, pretending to be a troubadour. But George finds out from his time travel mentor that his traveling puts him in danger. Scientists from the future want to eliminate time travelers and the gene he carries.

Growing up, it’s natural for George to become a historian. Research takes him to Renaissance Italy, where George faces a new danger. Elisabetta Sirani opens her door, and George is mesmerized by the beautiful artist – falling into intense passion at first sight. He stumbles through making the offer of a portrait commission and charms his way into her studio.

When Elisabetta finds a handsome young foreigner at her door, offering her a prestigious portrait job, she at first refuses. She’s overworked and suspicious of strangers, but finally she agrees, in part to because of his appeal and the troubadour song he sings. The young man accompanies her subject to painting sessions, and Elisabetta is captivated by a magnetism she can't explain.

But George can’t remain in a different century or he will slowly die. And Elisabetta, as the family’s breadwinner, can’t afford to marry. When she suddenly falls critically ill, George knows his enemies have poisoned her, aiming for him. His only hope is to seek a remedy from his 23rd century geneticist friend. George may save Elisabetta if he can risk changing history – unless doing so erases his own future.

Dive into this sweeping time travel romance, full of art and adventure, time travel, and love’s undying power.
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RACHEL DACUS writes about history, love, romance, and art – usually with a touch of the supernatural. If time travel were possible, she’d hop over to Renaissance Rome, and then check out how the American Revolutionary War is going, and maybe visit an 18th century London artist’s studio. A poet and novelist, Dacus has published four novels and four poetry collections. When not writing, she listens to music, new and old, from indie and progressive rock to classical and jazz. Once a dancer, she’s now an avid walker, often twice a day -- once for the Muse and once for the world’s liveliest Silky Terrier. She blogs about the writing life and has collected a wealth of writing and publishing resources. 

Connect with her at, @Rachel_Dacus on Twitter, and RachelDacusAuthor on Facebook. 


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