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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Forever You by Leah Busboom 💕 Book Blitz and $25 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Time-Travel Romance)

Can love transcend the bounds of time?

Can love transcend the bounds of time?

Laci V’s star is bright. The up-and-coming singer just released her new single and it’s climbing the country music charts. Her concerts are filling stadiums, and she’s soon to be nominated for a Grammy award. Laci’s quickly becoming a big-time celebrity. But after a storm rolls through one of her outdoor concerts, Laci wakes up in 1855.

Matthew finds a woman from the future in a field near his homestead. He helps her and takes her home with him, and she fascinates him with stories of inventions that haven’t happened yet. Her determination and grit eventually capture his heart. But this rugged, handsome frontiersman isn’t quite sure what to do with this beautiful time traveler.

As Laci gets to know Matthew, she falls in love with his kind and gentle ways, his fierce love for the land, and his indomitable pioneer spirit. While Matthew may be her perfect man, he doesn’t live in the century she wants to live in. Laci longs for the modern conveniences of the time period she came from, for the friends and family she left behind, and for her blossoming career. Matthew realizes that to show his love for Laci, he must let her go back to the time that she came from. Even though it will break his heart.

Will one man’s love span generations? Can love transcend the limits of time, of past and present—turning what seems impossible into something extraordinary?

Book 12 in the Connor Brothers series of small-town, clean, and wholesome romances. You’ll visit Connor’s Grove before it became a town and Minnesota before it became a state.

This book is a unique blend of historical and contemporary romance, and a story about finding love and never letting it go despite the constraints of time. A clean and wholesome take on Outlander. Fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife or the Little House on the Prairie TV series will love this poignant, powerful twelfth book in the Connor Brothers series. This novel may be read as a stand-alone.


We head towards the creek where I found her. When we get there, she turns in the saddle, puts her  hand to my cheek, and gazes at me with love in her eyes. Something takes over and I close the space left  between us, pressing my mouth to hers. 

It’s a kiss that promises the beginning of forever. It takes my breath away. I’ve dreamed  about kissing her for weeks—wondering if her lips are as soft as they look. They are. Her fingers thread through the hair at my nape and my arms wrap around her, drawing her even  closer. She kisses me with a passion that she’s been hiding below the surface. I meet her passion with  my full heart—our embrace leaves absolutely no doubt about how we feel about each other. This is my  last chance to show her how much that I love her, and I don’t waste the opportunity. The wind swirling violently around us makes the kiss even more reckless and desperate. It’s as if the  wind feels my heart shattering into a million pieces. 

After an eternity, she pulls back with a stunned look on her face. “Wow,” she murmurs as we gaze  at each other, my arms still embracing her small body, never wanting to let go. “I wish you would have  kissed me sooner.” Her voice wobbles and a lone tear tracks down her cheek. I wipe it off with my  thumb.  

Would she have stayed if I kissed her sooner and let her know how I feel about her? I shake those  thoughts from my head. Laci belongs in the twenty-first century, and no matter how much I love her,  she won’t be happy here. 

Another clap of lightning makes us realize that if she’s going to do this, she needs to do it now. “You  need to get to the spot where I found you!” The urgency in my voice is evident, but she rubs my cheek  one last time as if she’s memorizing my face. 

I help her dismount near the place where I first saw her. When her feet hit the ground, she turns  and looks up at me. “I love you!” she shouts. Her voice cracks and her lips tremble, raindrops roll down  her face in a torrent and she tosses the wet hair out of her eyes. “Please come with me, Matthew,” she  pleads, her voice rising with emotion. 

The wind howls and thunder reverberates around us. Rain pelts my skin as if it wants to inflict  pain—mimicking the pain I’m going to feel when Laci’s gone. I yell to be heard over the roar, “I can’t go,  Laci. My place is here.” 

She closes her eyes tightly for a few seconds and nods, then takes a few steps away from Sarge and  me. My heart aches as I watch her—a tiny figure standing all alone in the vast field, just like when I  found her. Laci’s long brown hair swirls around her, and tears stream down her face. She looks beautiful  and fierce—a look of determination lights her eyes. My pioneer woman. 

A flash of lightning splits the sky. Sarge whinnies and takes a few nervous steps sideways. “Whoa,  whoa,” I say as I pat his neck, calming him down. 

Laci is still standing in the field, that bolt of lightning not striking close enough yet to do any  damage. She pulls something out of her pocket and tosses it to me. I lean over, stretching my arm out,  and barely catch it between my fingertips. 

“That’s something to always remember me by,” she shouts. I turn over the delicate locket in my  work-roughened hand, then tuck it into my pocket. 

“I’ll never forget you, Laci. Just like your song—I’ll love you forever.” 

Laci puts her hand over her heart. “I’ll love you forever too.” 

“Sing me your song, one more time.” A powerful urgency to listen to her beautiful voice and that  haunting song one last time hits me. The need to hear her sing is as strong as the need to breathe. Though the winds still whirl furiously around us, the sound seems to dampen, as if even the storm  itself wants to hear her song.

Laci locks her eyes with mine, biting her lip, then starts singing. The words come out wobbly at first,  but her voice gains strength as she lifts her voice above the storm and belts out the chorus. “Take me to  Forever, With you . . .”  

The touching words of the refrain nearly get obliterated as thunder roars full force around us, I feel  its vibration shake the ground. Suddenly, a bright flash overtakes my vision, accompanied by a deafening  crack! I’m momentarily blinded and Sarge shifts nervously under me. I hold tightly to the reins so he  doesn’t bolt.  

When my eyes adjust and I can make out the field again, Laci’s gone. . .

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Leah Busboom wanted to become an author since the day she learned how to read! She specializes in the romance genre because she loves a great story with a happy ending. Her books are known for their heart warming stories, intriguing characters and hilarious real life situations that make you want to laugh out loud.

Leah currently lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband, her "Blue Bomber" bicycle and a hundred bunny rabbits that roam free in the neighborhood.

Leah has published several full length romance novel series: Chance on Love series (3 books) and Unlikely Catches series (3 books), which also includes her two holiday novellas - Unwrapping Sam's Heart and Melting Nick's Heart. She just published The Connor Brother series - a new Clean & Wholesome small town romance series. Books 1-12 are now available.


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