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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Love and Other Forbidden Things: What you don’t know, can’t hurt… by Lyndsey Gallagher πŸ’• Book Blitz and $50 Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Contemporary Romance)

Will forbidden turn into forever?

Amy Harrington is struggling to readjust to life at home in Ireland after the cosmopolitan buzz of London. Sick of being the only singleton on the shelf, she longs to find the right man, but the second any potential candidate realises who her famous rugby playing brother is, they spend more time worshipping him than her.

Irish rugby player Ollie Quinn is newly single and ready to mingle. When he meets a brunette in the players’ lounge, he promises to show her Ireland can be every bit as exciting as London, before realising she’s Eddie Harrington’s little sister. Despite the explosive chemistry between them, it’s one promise he can’t keep – everyone knows messing with your friend’s sister is forbidden.

When Amy lands her dream job, physiotherapist to the rugby team, the two are forced to face the growing chemistry between them. Injuries on the pitch seem minimal compared to what Eddie might do if he discovers their dalliances.

Is it simply the temptation of tasting forbidden fruit? Or will forbidden turn into forever?

Perfect romantic reading for fans of Lyssa Kay Adams, Tessa Bailey and Sally Thorne.

'I’ll show you everything I know.’ His wink is weighted with promise. I slap his arm in a flirtatious feminine fashion that I had no idea I was capable of.

‘If only.’ I don’t even try to deny my attraction to him.

‘You want it, you know you do.’ It’s become our mantra.

‘I never denied it. But what I want, and what I can have are two entirely different things. As you very well know.’ I arch my eyebrows at him and take the kettlebell he offers.

‘I could give you another workout. One which I guarantee will have all of your muscles trembling.’ He stands a foot behind me, both of us watching ourselves in the immaculately polished glass. Strong hands grip my waist, angling my bottom backwards, just inches in front of his groin. I freeze as he traces the length of my spine. His hands settle gently on both my shoulders, before encouraging my body to drop downwards.

‘Squat,’ he whispers seductively in my ear.

The way his darkening eyes focus intently on my figure, exuding a hunger that no food could satisfy, sends my thighs bending and my ass dropping into the slowest, lowest squat of my life. The Lycra covering my backside slides against the soft cotton covering his front. Rising upwards again, I inch further back to brush against him a little harder. His eyes finally leave my body, locking into mine in the mirror – the heat from our stare could melt Antarctica in seconds.

When I reach a fully standing position again, his Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows hard. His deep raspy breath tickles my ear as he whispers, ‘Again.’

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★★★★★ Sassy, sexy, funny and poignant- what a rollercoaster read

★★★★★ A gorgeous must read with an 'ugly truth' vibe

★★★★★ Steamy, sweet and funny!

When it comes to love, sassy pschotherapist Abby Queenan has a hard time accepting her own advice. Jilted at the alter by her childhood sweetheart, she prefers to invest in other people's happy ever afters than strive for her own. When the radio station she works for announces a once in a lifetime competition, she begins to search for a famous, swoon-worthy male to feature on her show and up her ratings. 

Irish rugby legend, Callum Connolly is the classic example of male perfection. He's not looking for The One, merely The Next One. That is until his teammates bet he can't keep the same woman long enough to attend his best friend's wedding. 

Abby and Callum strike an unlikely, but alluring deal.

Will Abby finally learn to take her own advice?

Or will Callum manage to nail his most elusive touchdown yet? 


★★★★★ The perfect summer read! 

★★★★★ Just gorgeous!

★★★★★ The brilliant romance just keeps on coming!

Successful beauty business queen Emma Harvey is not quite as astute when it comes to relationships. Ghosted, following an epic one night stand with a notorious Irish rugby hooker, she vows no more players, concentrating instead on securing the perfect beachfront property for her new luxury spa. 

Irish rugby hooker Eddie Harrington is the team joker. Except the tragic events of the past year weren't funny at all. Determined to set things right, Eddie scours Dublin for the perfect beachfront property to ease his brother's less than idyllic return from the State's.

Crossed wires at a mutual friend's Croatian wedding result in Emma and Eddie reluctantly agreeing to share the honeymoon suite for a week. Their exotic reunion results in a seductive game highlighting what they almost had and could potentially have again. Unless the two happen to want the same beachfront property more than they want each other.

Will Emma stick to her game plan and put business before pleasure?

Or will Eddie's tactics win out? 





When Kerry Walsh's boyfriend announces he's leaving the military at the end of the summer, she puts the anxious gnawing in her stomach down to the fact that she's just been sacked and her leaving party resulted in her eviction. With all of her friends settling down and Craig's imminent return on the horizon, Kerry wonders if it's finally time to grow up- starting with finding a job and somewhere to live.

Nathan Kennedy is a successful, Irish rugby player at the pinnacle of his career. He's also a separated father to an energetic five-year-old girl, Millie. When Millie's mother announces she's taken a job on a cruise ship and is leaving Nathan with sole custody of their daughter, Nathan realises he's going to need a nanny, for the summer at least.

A chance phone call results in Nathan offering Kerry the position, with neither of them realising they're already acquainted. And Nathan just happens to be the only person in the world who knows Kerry's biggest secret.

As the temperature increases in the city, so does the sexual tension.

Will Kerry let her past ruin her future?

Or will Nathan convince Kerry he's playing for keeps?

Perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey, Helen Hoang & Lyssa Kay Adams. Love & Other Lies is book three in the Professional Players Series but all books can be read as stand alone novels.


Shelly Williams is loving life. She’s been offered a place on the newest, sexiest, celebrity reality television show, and her husband has just retired from his position as captain of the Irish rugby team, meaning he’s around more to help raise their children, leaving her free to pursue a few of her own ambitions. Ambitions Marcus knows nothing about.

Marcus Williams is struggling to find a purpose following his recent retirement as captain of the Irish rugby team. There’s only so many holidays, horse riding trips and happy hours one man can endure. When his wife is paired up with his old sporting rival in front of the entire country, Marcus begins to realise he stands to lose a lot more than just his career.

With ten weeks of watching Shelly slide, shake and shimmy against the one man that has the potential to destroy everything, Marcus must act if he wants to save their relationship.

They vowed to stay together through sickness and health.
But what about fame and wealth?
πŸ’• To be released June 1 πŸ’•

Lyndsey Gallagher is the kindle bestselling author of six contemporary romance novels, with many more on the way! An unashamed romantic, forever in search of the next happy ever after, her debut novel The Seven Year Itch was inspired by the weekend she met her husband. Lyndsey lives in the West of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. She enjoys long walks, deep talks and the occasional G & T!


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