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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sleeping Love by Natalina Reis πŸ’• Book Tour, Freebie Offer and $10 Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Gay Fantasy Romance)

He woke him with a kiss. That was just the beginning.

He woke him with a kiss. That was just the beginning.

Ayo Mkuu may have saved the man he loves with nothing but a kiss, but the danger has just begun. After being falsely accused by the king, emptied of his ancestors’ magic, and thrown into a hellish prison, Ayo must now find a way to recover what he lost.

Yi Uzurri may be the sole heir to the throne of TiāntÑng, but he wants nothing more than to enjoy life in the arms of his best friend, Ayo. As if falling under a sleeping curse is not bad enough, he may yet meet a worse fate as he risks it all for the love of his life.

The quest to restore Ayo’s magic and find his kin stirs up old wounds and unexpected revelations that will either bring the two lovers together or wedge them forever apart.

Unless a kiss can bring back their sleeping love.

Sleeping Love is a stand-alone pulse-pounding epic M/M romance. If you swoon over friends to lovers, magic, sexy, determined princes, and smoldering heat, you'll love this scorching tale of kisses and fate.

The main gate to the royal seat was wide open, a gaping toothless mouth inviting prey. It was unsettling and it gave Ayo pause. He stood, half hidden by a large bush, staring at the dark hole of the entryway, shivering in apprehension. Was it a trap? Would he walk straight into the arms of death? After some time, he made a decision; there was no sound of any kind coming from the structure. A vision of the prince lying helpless and alone in his bed was the push he needed to risk it. He had to help his friend no matter how dangerous it might be.

Inside, darkness engulfed him, briefly alleviated by the soft glow of the moon as he crossed the inner courtyard into the wing where Yi’s quarters were located. For a moment he wished he had his magic back so he could light a torch, but quickly shook the idea off. No point in wishing for the impossible, better to focus on what could indeed be done instead. Thankfully he knew those hallways so well, he could have navigated them with his eyes closed. Memories of all those nights when he and the prince had sneaked out of the palace came storming in. He caught his breath, surprised by the powerful mixture of joy and pain embedded in that single memory. All those years, conspirators in so many adventures, most of which strictly forbidden by royal decree, and Ayo had never told Yi what was in his heart. With a sigh, he lurched forward, hoping he would have a chance to do it in the future. 

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Author of We Will Always Have the Closet, Desert Jewel, and Loved You Always, Natalina wrote her first romance in collaboration with her best friend at the age of 13. Since then she has ventured into other genres, but romance is first and foremost in almost everything she writes.

After earning a degree in tourism and foreign languages, she worked as a tourist guide in her native Portugal for a short time before moving to the United States.

She lived in three continents and a few islands, and her knack for languages and linguistics led her to a master’s degree in education. She lives in Virginia where she has taught English as a Second Language to elementary school children for more years than she cares to admit.

Natalina doesn’t believe you can have too many books or too much coffee. Art and dance make her happy and she is pretty sure she could survive on lobster and bananas alone. When she is not writing or stressing over lesson plans, she shares her life with her husband and two adult sons.


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