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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Unmeasured by Alyssa Turner πŸ’• 99¢ Sale Blitz, Freebie Offer and Print Book Giveaway πŸ’• (BDSM Romance)

Samantha Hunter is about to rewrite all the rules for these Doms and nothing will ever be the same.

SHE’s a good girl, or at least she tries to be. People think Samantha Hunter lives a fairytale life. Only this young, wealthy American in Paris has a secret. If she lets it free, there’s no telling what she’ll do. Being the wild child is one thing. Letting her dark fantasies run wild is quite another. How could she? The better question is…how could she not?

HE wears a suit, but he is not entirely civilized. Oleg Balashov is often hungry for something he’ll probably never find. His closest friends have similar appetites and the private club they own is the perfect place to feed their desires. Oleg is ready to pay an old debt with an arranged marriage, mafia style. Then Samantha appears on a bar stool with just enough curiosity to get her into trouble. She’s in way over her pretty head. Or is it the other way around? The Masters of Club Duval have a new pet and she isn’t so easy to tame. Samantha Hunter is about to rewrite all the rules for these Doms and nothing will ever be the same.

Trigger warning: Oleg owns a whip, and he knows how to use it. After the happily ever after ending, the epilogue of this book will be an introduction to the prologue of book 2, Unleashed.

Finally, he spoke. His voice was a raspy and feral version of itself. “Your safeword… Scream it loud. Scream it at the top of your fucking lungs, because I need your screams today for all the wrong fucking reasons.”

He cracked the whip again, and it snapped her shoulder blade with the thinnest of cuts, sounding like a gunshot, feeling like a hornet’s kiss.

“If I hurt you…” he said.

She turned around, and her gaze locked first on his trembling hand and then his tortured eyes. “I will survive you.”

“If you survive me, then you can have me, because truly I belong to no one else." The whip cracked above her head. 

“Turn the fuck around!”

When she did, he snapped a sideways strike across her ass. Her flesh lit with fiery agony. She balled her fists and inhaled deeply, trusting his control over the nine-foot length of braided leather.

Then a loud thud sounded, and a crash followed. She turned around to see Oleg stalking toward her, his whip strewn across the floor next to a broken vase.

Heavy, billowing breaths blew past his lips. He scratched his chin and then rubbed the back of his head. One last swallow, and he steadied himself. The worst of the storm had passed and she’d survived. In fact, she’d more than survived. Samantha had stood in the eye of the storm and remained on her feet.

“Where the hell did you come from?” he demanded, grabbing both of her shoulders, shaking her once, though she was certain he wasn’t concerned with the name of her hometown.

She didn’t flinch. His hold on her was nothing to fear. Then his thumbs swiped at the teardrops on her cheeks before he decided to sip on them instead. She melted right there. “How did you find me?” she asked the same unseen knower of all things.

God, how badly she wanted this man inside of her. She pawed at the chastity belt, angry at it so suddenly. Danger wafted off him in invisible waves, unspoken, ultrasonic, undeniably magnetic. The beautiful, broken monster had revealed himself, raw, untethered, and she devoured his anger, his pain. It had given her peace even as she hungered to know the limits of his pain, to be at the sharp edge of his despair with him. But why? What could be found in dark, bottomless pools that made her want to jump in? She’d been asking herself that question all her life and still didn’t have an answer.

5 star reviews:

"When I downloaded this e-book to my tablet, I planned to take a quick look and return to other books in process. Silly me. I inhaled this one non-stop without even a potty break. "

"Roaring hot erotic romance with mafia twist. This was an excellent read"

"Wow!! The author came up with an amazing story. I've read hundreds of erotica type books and none can top this story."

"Alyssa Turner is a new author to me, and Unmeasured blew me away. "

"She has an amazing ability to build real characters. You care what happens to each of the main characters."

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Courage over consequences.

The sound of a whip licking the floor should cause her to tremble. The whistle hiss of it cutting the air should tell her to run. The pin-prick kiss of leather should make her wince. These would be normal reactions, but Samantha Hunter couldn’t go back to being normal if she tried. Oleg, her Master, is a king among kings in the BDSM world. He’s broken his promise to join two Mafia dynasties in an arranged marriage. Now a woman is dead and he owes a debt. Oleg will keep the woman he loves safe, even if it means placing her in the care of his oldest friend.

Dr. Henri Gerard is an expert with a knife. It’s his own scars that never seem to fade, and he is not alone. Sharing a scene is nothing new for him or his brother Doms of Club Duval. When one is made whole by the perfection of absolute control, the others feel gratified to witness it. But never, not once, have any of them shared a woman’s heart. Is there room for two Doms to love one submissive? It won’t be easy... good thing Samantha likes it hard. The Unmatched Series is part of the Love Has No Regrets collection.


Their pet has outgrown her collar... it's time for a crown.

Five thrones sit in the playroom beneath the most notorious BDSM club in Paris. Four of the five founders still reign as kings in this kingdom. Only Club Duval has been closed for over a year, and play time is long over.

Five kings, and in the absence of one, four have fallen for the same woman. Oleg Balashov and Dr. Henri Gerard have the pleasure of calling her their pet, and yet Samantha Hunter doesn’t quite fit the description. She is neither pet nor feral, neither predator nor prey, neither submissive nor dominant. Samantha is all those things in one, and she doesn’t want to choose.

Five Doms and two share a spark that won’t go away. But Ivan Galois’ secret shame has turned into rage and only the Dom who knows him best, Paolo Signorino and Samantha, the woman who shares his worst nightmares, can slay his demons.

It’s a new day at Club Duval and the game has a whole new set of rules.

This book is the conclusion to the Unmatched Series.
Note: Subjects of a dark and explicit nature are discussed in this book including past traumas and the effects of abuse.
πŸ’• To be released March 8 πŸ’•

Alyssa believes that when characters speak to you, you've got to listen. She's been all ears and writing stories in all lengths since childhood.

She writes erotic romance in all lengths, having been featured in the notable anthologies of Best Women's Erotica, edited by Violet Blue and several from Rachel Kramer Bussel. With her proclivity for the mΓ©nage genre, Alyssa is often recognized for weaving complexity and emotional depth into her characters and plots.

Alyssa has more than several full length novels under her belt and no two stories are the same. For Alyssa, it's much more fun to try something new. Read more about Alyssa Turner and preview her published works on her blog.


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