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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Savage Bloodline: A Limited Edition Mafia Collection ๐Ÿ’• 99¢ Book Blitz, Freebie Offer and $25 Gift Card Giveaway ๐Ÿ’•

Are you ready to give your heart to a savage?

Darkness lurks behind their gazes. There’s something sinister about their smiles. Their name incites fear in their enemies. They are the DeLucas, and there’s one word that describes them best. SAVAGE.

The men of the DeLuca family are proof that the more ruthless the savage, the harder they fall…in love.

Download this exclusive anthology featuring 20 BRAND NEW mafia romances to find out which DeLuca will make you fall in love. But first, you must ask yourself one question: Are you ready to give your heart to a savage?

Immerse yourself in this dangerously seductive collection that includes:
*Arranged marriage
*Friends to lovers
*Enemies to lovers
*Secret Baby
*Second Chance
*Second Chance
*Grumpy Boss
*And more!

Get this SAVAGE collection while it’s only 0.99cts!

from Paolo

She stood watching him as he stared at the painting of himself. Nervousness mixed with anger washed over her. She had the canvas covered for a reason. On one hand, she was nervous he’d be upset she’d painted him without his permission. On the other, how dare he invade her privacy. She pushed every thought and feeling aside. At least he was still here. Lyric moved closer as he continued to study the painting.

“It’s when we first met,” she explained. “How I saw you standing in that doorway.”

He didn’t turn around, just sipped his coffee and continued to stare at the canvas.

Lyric pulled a mug down from the cabinet and filled it with the steaming-hot liquid. She put cream and sugar in the mug and stirred.

“Thanks for the coffee.” 

“Was this really how you saw me?” 

He finally faced her, and Lyric nodded. “In the beginning, it was. You were new and shiny.”

He smiled at her description, and his entire posture changed. His light-brown eyes lit up and she felt herself falling. Lyric shook the feeling away. Paolo DeLuca was not a man to be falling for.

He paused, staring at her with an inquisitive look on his face. “And what about now?”

What about now? How did she see him? 

Then she remembered her words last night. I see you.

That was true. She did see him. Just him. Not the name. Not the reputation. Just him. 

“I meant what I said last night, Paolo. I see you. I don’t see the DeLuca name. I don’t see the reputation my grandparents warned me about. I see a man who is kind and loving. Protective. And a pain in my ass,” she snorted, putting her mug down, and walking toward him. When Lyric reached him, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I see a man who I could fall for if I don’t guard my heart,” she finished on a whisper.

His hold tightened around her waist, and he kissed her on her forehead. “You should protect your heart, because I’m not any of those things you said, Lyric. I’m ruthless, manipulative, evil. A savage and you best run, il mio cuore batte, if you know what’s good for you.”



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A life for a life. That was the code they lived by. After their Don is gunned down, things change. This was no longer a life for a life situation. A coward had tried to make a name for himself by taking on their family. It was time for the DeLucas to show their enemies just how brutally savage their bloodline could be.

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