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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Devil Within by Tanya Nellestein 💕 Book Blitz and $20 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Motorcycle Club Romance)

Sometimes you have to go to dark places before you can truly find the light.

Sometimes you have to go to dark places before you can truly find the light.

Sarah Darcy has created the life she always wanted with her dream job in London, as far from Australia as she can get. However, all she’s ever wanted was to love and be loved. She thought she’d found it in bad boy biker, Alex Riley; until he ripped her heart out.

Unwanted his whole life, Alex went from foster child to an outlaw and enforcer with The Devils MC. He never went looking for love, never thought he deserved it, until he found Sarah. To keep Sarah safe, he ended the relationship. But he couldn’t stay away, not forever.

Alex has come to start his life over as well. But he’s running from a dark and violent past that will not let him go alive. Forced to run for their lives across Europe, being chased by a biker gang hell-bent on revenge. With no one else to turn to, can Sarah trust Alex, let alone love him again?

The Devil Within is a standalone novel from The Devils MC. If you like flawed heroes looking for redemption, strong women looking for love and a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, you’ll love exploring The Devils MC.

She’d barely run two blocks before he caught up with her.

‘Where are you going?’ His usually steady voice trembled. 

‘Away from you,’ she hissed.

‘Sarah, please. It’s not safe–’

‘No!’ she shouted. 

Panic clouded his face. Although they seemed to be the only inhabitants in the frozen and indifferent streetscape, she lowered her voice. ‘Don’t tell me it’s not safe. I was perfectly safe until you arrived in London.’

‘And now you’re not, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you got caught up in my mess of a life. I never meant for that to happen. That’s why–’ He ran his hand over his face and through his hair.

Sarah crossed her arms. ‘Why what?’

His chest moved up and down as he took several deep breaths. ‘That’s why I ended things between us the way I did. Why I said those horrible things to you.’

Her heart clenched at the memory. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘They knew about you.’ His voice was barely a whisper. ‘I couldn't come with you to London. You had to be as far away from me as possible. It was the only way to keep you safe.’ He looked past her, as if the truth lay hidden in a shadow. ‘I’m sorry, Sarah.’

Headlights from a lone car briefly illuminated the pain etched in his features. Her own emotions were exhausted, unable to process anything. 

‘I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.’ The conviction had returned to his voice. ‘I love you, Sarah. I always have.’

Her heart skidded to a stop. For twelve long, lonely months, all she’d wanted to hear were those words from Alex Riley. Nothing about the way he’d ended their relationship had ever made sense to her. The love they’d shared had been so alive, so nourishing. It had lifted her to a plane higher than she’d ever imagined possible. She ached to feel his arms around her. To tell her that the only thing that was real, was their love. Not the horror of the last few hours, and not the axe he’d hacked through her heart when he’d left her.

Sarah turned away to gather her thoughts. Maybe she’d been thinking about this all wrong. Alex had killed a man today. A man that had beaten her friend and was there to cause her harm. He’d protected her. Just as he’d protected her the night they met. And protecting her was the reason he said he ended it between them. Was it possible? Could they find a way back to each other?

She forced her brain to engage, to try to make sense of all the unimaginable events. What if Brodie was still out there? What if he had reinforcements? She thought about the dead body in her flat. Maybe Alex had killed him in self-defense, but neither of them had a scratch on them. Would they be believed? Then she remembered Heather. If she was awake, she could explain.

Sarah closed the gap between them. Reaching up, she ran her hand through his hair, a thousand memories rushing over her. Her heart began to beat again.

‘Alex, if we just explained what happened, you were protecting me.’ The words tumbled out as the thoughts formed. 

Alex shook his head. ‘No one’s going to believe that, Sarah.’

‘But it’s true,’ she protested. ‘Heather will tell them, once she’s better. I know she’ll back us up.’

He took her hands between his, holding them over his heart. ‘It’s not that simple. The Devils won’t stop coming after me.’ He inhaled a shaky breath. ‘Or you.’

‘The police will help us, you’ll see. Everything is different here.’ She had to convince him of that. In London, she’d shed the shackles of her family and their secrets, she’d landed her dream job and now the man of her dreams was here. And he still loved her.

‘Sarah, I know this doesn’t make sense to you, but I’m asking you to trust me.’ His eyes pleaded with her to understand. ‘I never meant for any of this to happen, I would have stayed away. But now that you’re here with me, I can’t walk away from you. Not again.’

He really wants me?

To be with Alex was all she’d ever wanted.

‘I don’t know if you could ever love me again, and I know I don’t deserve it. I couldn’t stand to lose you.’ He lifted one hand to her face, rubbing his thumb along her jaw. ‘I’m begging you, please come with me?’

All rational thought floated away as his lips found hers. His kiss was soft, almost fearful. She rose up on her toes, firming her mouth against his. Alex wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her close, his other hand entwining in her hair. Their lips parted and tongues collided. Her hands snaked around his neck, needing to be closer still. He moaned into her mouth, before pulling back.

‘We need to go,’ he whispered.

At that moment, Sarah would go anywhere with him, just to be with him. She nodded. ‘Okay.’ 

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When duty and desire ignite, who will rise from the ashes?

Sergeant Taya McGovern is looking for redemption. The last thing she needs is to face her demons in an undercover assignment, with the one man who can distract her in all the wrong ways.

Jake Gallen is a cop above reproach, with a body made for sinning. When the assignment goes wrong, Taya is the only person who can save them both. Can she leave her past behind, or will she lose everything?

Once Betrayed is a standalone novella from The Devils MC. If you like flawed heroes looking for redemption, strong women looking for love and a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, you’ll love exploring The Devils MC.


Tanya Nellestein has been recreating the fruits of her overactive imagination on paper since she was a child. She is an avid reader, novelist, experience enthusiast, outstanding car vocalist, and Queen of fancy dress. Tanya writes gut-churning historical fiction, contemporary crime/mystery and suspense with a romantic angle that always includes good sex and a happily ever after. One thing you will always get with Tanya's books - a strong woman who knows who she is (eventually) and gets what she wants.

She lives on the outskirts of Sydney with her two children, a psychotic cat and a dog that refuses to believe he’s not human. Tanya is also an award-winning freelance journalist and member of the Romance Writers of Australia, the Australian Romance Readers Association and the Romance Writers of New Zealand.


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