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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

💕 R. Sullins Author Spotlight and $20 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Paranormal and Contemporary Romance)

R. Sullins is an author that writes what she loves to read.

Secrets never stay buried...

Every secret I never knew about myself was revealed by someone who should not exist.
But they do,
monsters exist.

They are all around us...
and I am the one they want the most.
They crave my blood.

The biggest secret of all?
I'm one of those monsters, too.

Now someone has created an army that threatens to destroy the Vampire King that calls me his mate.
Either I accept the monster I am or I lose one I've come to love

Approximately 73k words

Important Note: This is the first book in a series, please be aware that it ends in an HFN but the second book picks right up where the first left off.

Warning: This book has blood and gore that may offend or disturb sensitive readers. Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for anyone below 18 


The reluctant vampire...

This wasn’t supposed to be my life
I never asked to become a vampire
Falling into this world of monsters turned out to be the best thing to happen to me.
The transition from human soldier to vampire sentinel was one of the easiest things I had ever done.
Now I was in for the fight of my life, convincing my mate to take a chance on me.

The mate in danger...

I couldn’t return home no matter how much I missed it.
My mother forced me to leave for a reason.
There was an evil man after me, willing to kill anyone who got in his way.
Then a man walked through the door and set my soul on fire.
He said I was his mate.
I wanted to say yes.
But, how, when I had to save my mom from a killer?

The fight for their future...

I swore I would defeat all of her demons.
I wasn’t going to let her go...ever.
I wanted to keep my mate safe, but what if I was the monster she needed saving from?

This is a 50k word novella in the Hunter series world.
It may be read as a standalone, but you would find most enjoyment by reading the series.

💕 Always double-check the price 💕

The first time she knew real happiness was when she found out that the man who raised her wasn't her real father.

She knew that there couldn't be monsters in the world that were any worse than the monster she had called 'daddy' for most of her life.
Then she stumbled into the world of demons.

The Demon King knew the second his fated mate had been brought into the world.
After living years too numerous to count, it meant little to him other than keep him from living as he had.
He now belonged to only one female - and he would have to wait years for her to mature enough to matter.

How stupid and vain he had been to think that his fated wouldn't matter.
The very moment she entered his club he knew he had been wrong to ignore fate.

She was his.
And he was going to destroy everyone that hurt her, even if he had to burn the Earth realm to the ground. 

💕 To be released September 3 💕




Charity case


I was all those things.

Years after my parents died, I was still being bullied, and it was all led by my cousins.

They hated me for years as children, and moving into their house didn't make them change their minds about me.

I was counting down the days until I could finally get away from every single person in this town.

Until there was one person I wasn't so sure I wanted to leave.


My life since age 7 revolved around football and what it would take for me to get into the NFL.

I didn't have time for girls or parties.

I had never been tempted by anything that could take my mind away from the sport.

Until I walked into my new school on my first day of senior year.

One look was enough to change every plan I'd made for my future.

It wasn't long before we both realized that someone didn't like that we had found each other.

Approx 100k words

*Note from author*

While this high school romance does have elements of bullying, you will find that the hero never once says a negative thing to his girl.

For the safety conscious - this is guaranteed safe!

Just because it is set in high school doesn't mean it doesn't have adult situations in it. Only intended for those over the age of 18.


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from Cry for Me

We sat in silence for a few minutes, just listening to the sounds of the night. 

She whispered suddenly. “You win.”

I stilled, every part of me going on alert. “What?”

“You win, Reid. I can’t fight it, and I don’t want to anymore. I want to be yours. I want you to be mine.” 

I turned her body around to face me, her legs straddling my hips so that I could see her eyes. I cupped her cheeks and made sure she was looking at me before I spoke to her. 

“It was never a contest, Paige. I never wanted you to feel that way. I could see that you were struggling with your feelings, but I would have waited forever for you.”

She squeezed her eyes shut. 

“It will be hard to do this, for others to accept that we are more than friends. Jessica threatened me more than once.” She looked at my face, her eyes taking in everything before settling back on my own. “It is a battle, maybe not between us, but between us and everyone else.”

“Then I will fight for you, for us, but we need to stand together.” 

I watched as a tear gathered and fell from her bottom lashes. It broke my heart to see her this way. I swept my thumb over the wetness, wiping away the tear the way I wish I could wipe away her fears. 

Slowly I lowered my head, my lips a hair’s breadth away from hers, and waited. I watched as another tear slowly made its way down her cheek. She sighed, her breath fanning over my lips before she finally took away the small space between us and pressed her lips to mine.

The kiss was soft, gentle, just a press of our lips before she let out a shuddering sob, and we both let go. After that, the kiss turned harder, and I didn’t know who made the first sweep of the tongue, but soon we deepened that first kiss into something more. 

My heart ached with pain for her but also beat harder as we finally gave in to the passion that was always under the surface. I felt like I was walking a tightrope every minute I was with her, always trying to keep my balance, to keep from giving in to what I wanted from her before she was ready. Now that she had finally opened herself up to me, I felt myself fall off that precipice and into her waiting arms. 

I tilted her head with the hands that were still cradling her cheeks and deepened the kiss further, showing her everything I felt with my kiss. I soon realized I was tasting her tears and pulled back, looking into her aqua-colored eyes. 

“Please don’t cry, baby. I don’t want you to be scared. If you need more time…”

“No,” she shook her head, “I’m not scared right now, Reid. I’m happy. For the first time since my parents died, I actually feel happy.” 

I swiped my thumbs over her cheeks again. “Is that why you are crying because you’re happy?”

“Sometimes tears are made because the rush of emotion is just too much to handle. Tears aren’t always because of sadness or pain. Sometimes it’s because you feel too much good, and it needs to escape.” 

I rested my forehead against hers and nodded in understanding. 

“I love you, Reid,” she whispered so low I almost missed it.

“I love you, too, Paige. More than I ever thought possible.”

She nodded and laid her head on my chest.

“It’s fast, isn’t it?” She said after a few minutes.

“I don’t know,” I said honestly. “In a way, it feels like it’s been forever since I saw you for the first time. But in another, yeah, we are young, and we haven’t known each other long. People will look at us and say that we don’t know what we are doing. But do you care what other people say?”

She was quiet for a long minute before whispering again. “No, Reid, I don’t care what they say. All that matters is us.” 

I couldn’t agree more. 


I guess you can say I have a passion for romance.

You will most often find me with a book in front of my face, whether I'm in the middle of writing one or taking a break by reading one of my favorite authors.

I love my family and my pets. I need quiet time to recharge and I'd rather be deep in the middle of woods than in the middle of a city. Yeah, I don't people well.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I put all my heart into each of them and they are truly my book babies.

Thanks for stopping by!


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