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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Rune's Bride by Luna Kingsley 💕 Book Tour and $30 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Sci-Fi Romance)

Faking an engagement to an alien to get a story? Absolutely. What could go wrong?

Faking an engagement to an alien to get a story? Absolutely. What could go wrong?

I sign up for the Intergalactic Matchmaker Initiative to get a story. The elusive story about the only known alien planet in order to get my dream job. That’s it. But to go to Strorix, I need an alien match. It is the only way humans are allowed. My visit is temporary, though, because my career on Earth is the main focus of my life.

Commander Rune isn’t interested in a bride. But by a twist of fate, we enter into a fake engagement. According to our contract, we have one month to decide if our match is compatible. Which means I have one month to get the story I need before we call things off and I return home.

But like all things in my life, nothing goes as planned. Always the wallflower, Rune’s touch becomes something I crave, forcing me to question my priorities. Through my research, I learn hidden secrets about the relationship between the ed’ek and humans from the past. Which leads me to believe there’s more to this Matchmaker Initiative than I originally thought.

This standalone sci-fi romance novel features steamy scenes on an alien planet, strong, alpha alien warriors, and a guaranteed HEA. This is the first book in a brand-new series!

Once the ship stops, the commander hurries to my side to help me down, treating me as if  I’m breakable. I’ve grown so accustomed to being on my own, though, it’s strangely nice to have  someone looking out for me like this, even if it’s someone I’m just getting to know.  

“I thought for a moment you were going to carry me all the way to your place,” I say,  jokingly.  

“That is an excellent idea.” He scoops me up in his arms, almost playfully, and carries me  the rest of the way to the elevator. With his arms of steel wrapped tight around me, I’m all too  aware of him. His hardness and unique skin texture. His scent is fresh air and something else  definitively masculine like some sort of musk. I’ve been able to ignore it up until now when he’s  pressing me against his strong body.  

Inside the elevator, the energy between us shifts. We’re closed in, drawn closer together by  some invisible force. The air is tight, making it difficult to take a deep breath. His hands tighten  where he’s holding onto me, the brief moment of humor gone. I open my mouth, about to  suggest he set me down, but the doors open on his floor, and he steps out.  

My head clears on the walk from the elevator to his door so by the time we’re inside his  unit again, whatever strange phenomenon overcame me for a moment has already passed.  Glancing at the commander assures me whatever it was, it was one-sided, like all the  relationships with men in my life so far.  

“You’re fine to head back to the base if you have work to do. I’m planning on taking a  bath and relaxing for the rest of the night.” 

Apparently I need space and time away from him to remind myself why I’m here—and it’s  not to let myself develop a crush on someone who’s simply doing me a favor. Why do I do this  to myself? 

It’s never going to work, Louisa!  

“If there’s anything urgent, my men know how to contact me. Go take your bath.” The  commander stands like an imposing presence, his arms crossed over his chest. His attitude has  changed since he agreed to sign himself over to me for thirty days. He’s more protective, more  dominate…and it’s making my stomach flip around with nerves, something that shouldn’t  happen from a strange alien. Especially when it’s only a temporary arrangement.  Under his watchful eye, I turn tail, darting into the bathroom. 

I eye the tub, then double-check the door to make sure I’ve used the automatic lock  properly. I can’t remember the last time I was able to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, and if there’s  one thing I need tonight…it’s relaxation.  

This has nothing to do with hiding. Not from the women who seem to hate me or these  growing feelings for my hunky alien mate. This is relaxation at its finest, with an emphasis on  reminding myself why I’m here. A creamy liquid with a pleasant scent adds a rich, soapy lather  to the steamy water. I didn’t have a bathtub in my old apartment, only a standing shower stall, so  it has been years since I’ve experienced this level of pampering. And this tub is large to  accommodate the commander’s size so I can stretch without restriction.  

My head is sore along with my elbow, but these are physical injuries that will heal with  time. It’s more bothersome that the ed’ek women are so against my presence in the city that  they’re willing to attack me when they see me out alone and vulnerable. Could this be why I’m  the first human to join the program? Did the others know something I don’t? To my knowledge,  no one really talked about the program, except that it was well known among the other women  on campus. We’d all receive the same emails trying to convince us to take advantage of the  opportunity. But now that I’m here, I’m beginning to understand how the local women feel about  it. 

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I’ve run out of options. I have nowhere else to go. It doesn’t matter how many times I move, change jobs, switch phones…he always finds me. But there’s one place he can’t go—Strorix. The Intergalactic Matchmaker Initiative only accepts women. The last thing I want to do is deal with another man in my life, but at least I’ll be safe. And who knows? Maybe for the first time, I’ll have a chance to live my life in peace.

Commander Vorian

I’ve been given the job of commander and with it comes great responsibility. Tensions are high among the ed’ek females and women at the IMI. We recently discovered our vulnerability to outside infiltration and now, a new human is arriving. I don’t trust her safety to anyone else, and I’m not prepared for how much I want her.

She’s skittish and keeps to herself. If I could travel to Earth, I'd kill whoever hurt her. I try to give her space to settle in, but before I can declare my intentions, another male’s number is chosen as her match. How can I convince her to choose me when she won’t open her heart to anyone?

This standalone sci-fi romance novel features steamy scenes on an alien planet, strong, alpha alien warriors, and a guaranteed HEA. This is the second book in the Intergalactic Matchmaker series!

💕 To be released June 14 💕

Luna Kingsley writes steamy sci-fi and paranormal romance. She loves a happy ending more than chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top! When she’s not writing she’s attempting to keep up with her two active boys on all of their adventures. With her faithful rescue dog at her side, she’s dreaming up "out of this world" romances with sexy aliens who are irresistible.


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