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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Broken Wings by M.W. Arnold 💕 Behind the Scenes, Series Tour and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Historical Romantic Mystery)

These are sweeping stories of love, mysteries and hope, set against the backdrop of war...

The Air Transport Auxiliary Murder Club!

Four ladies of the Air Transport Auxiliary bond initially by solving the mystery of who was responsible for the death of one’s sister, finding along the way a mutual love for solving mysteries, which have an unerring knack of landing in their laps. Battling both internal forces and those of the country’s mutual enemies, these are sweeping stories of love, mysteries and hope, set against the backdrop of war when ties of friendship are exceptionally strong.

When Betty Palmer's sister dies under suspicious circumstances whilst landing her Tiger Moth, Betty and three other women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary in WWII England unite to discover who killed her and why.

Estranged from her family, Penny Blake wants simply to belong. American Doris Winter, running from a personal tragedy, yearns for a new start. Naturally shy Mary Whitworth-Baines struggles to fit in. Together though, they are a force to be reckoned with as they face the mystery that confronts them.

Against the backdrop of war, when ties of friendship are exceptionally strong, they strive to unravel the puzzle's complex threads, risking their lives as they seek justice for Betty's sister.

I felt as though I was part of the story myself and that’s down to the author’s very vivid and realistic storytelling. Ginger Book Geek blog – Top 1000 Reviewer

Reading M W Arnold has somehow restored my faith in my fellow humans and shown me that we can succeed if we work together and this is a much needed message in today’s world. A Wing and a Prayer is super stuff. It’s entertaining, warm and engaging. I loved it. Linda’s Book Bag blog – Top 1000 Reviewer

I’m delighted to see that this is the first in a series – I’m hooked and already looking forward to my return to Hamble and spending more time with the ladies of the ATA. Being Anne blog (Vine Voice)

I was totally engrossed in it and am very happy to realise that there will be more opportunities to catch up on these brave young ladies in future stories in this series - I can't wait to read them! – Splashes Into Books blog (Vine Voice)


Air Transport Auxiliary pilot Doris Winter is accused of stealing a valuable item from a famous Hollywood movie star, now a captain in the US Army Air Corps, after a dance at the air base in England where he's stationed. Gathering her close friends together, she's determined to clear her name.

Ruth's POW son suffers a life-changing injury just as her own cottage takes damage in an air raid and Penny's estranged little sister unexpectedly turns up, having run away from school. Together with the ongoing thefts of items of clothing and surprise personal revelations, these all threaten to hamper their investigation.

In spite of the worsening war situation, they must band together to rise above their troubles and prove love and friendship is worth fighting for.

"Yay! The ladies of the ATA are back" - Novel Kicks

"M. W. Arnold certainly knows how to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into what proves to be one hell of a read" - GingerBookGeek

"Overall, it was amazing to go back to this series and see where the story would go next" - Jess Bookish Life

A perfect series for readers who enjoy historically accurate War time drama, with strong female characters at their heart - TheTwoFingeredGardner

"A gripping yarn that is perfect for curling up with on a cold winter afternoon" - BookishJottings

"Mick Arnold perfectly evokes the rather constrained Christmases of wartime, with rationing and the shadow of the war lurking around the corner" - It Takes a Woman

"The friendships and the turmoils faced also pulls you in and it’s easy to care about the characters and doesn’t overtake the mystery, but enriches it" - Bookmarks and Stages

A mysterious key left by her murdered sister takes Air Transport Auxiliary pilot Betty Palmer on a journey of discovery and danger. Her estranged parents force themselves back into her life, motivated purely by greed and self-preservation.
Penny's life is unexpectedly turned upside down by a potentially life-changing situation that causes her wounded husband to question their marriage. No one seems safe in the turmoil of the middle years of the war, and some relationships face a breaking point whilst others become stronger.
Kidnap, crashes, and dogfights—the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club have never faced such dangers before. To survive may not be enough. They must find the strength to rise above their most trying times yet.

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The ideas for a book can come from anywhere and at any time. When I first began seriously writing, I found most of my story ideas came from songs I was listening to on the radio, in fact, I still have documents with various ideas for many stories tucked away in my writing folder. Now, most of these are for Romance/Women’s Fiction stories, as that’s what I began to write. It’s doubtful if I'll get around to writing any of these any time soon though, as I no longer write in the pure romance field.

So, how did I get into the Historical/Saga genre? It’s one of those quirks of life. I was watching one of the history/factual documentary channels and one telling the story of the female pilots who flew with Britain’s Air Transport Auxiliary’ service during World War Two came on. Within minutes, I was hooked! I know this time in history pretty well, but I had no idea how important the job these pilots did! Without their selfless dedication, it’s doubtful that Britain would have prevailed so well. Anyway, I then flung myself into researching as much as I could about this service and before I knew where I was, I found myself with the beginnings of a story.

Much to my happy surprise, book 1 ‘A Wing and a Prayer’, was published and talks began about a follow-up. Much of the action for this, ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, takes part at a United States Army Air Force airfield called, RAF Polebrook. By a strange quirk, and I didn’t know this until a little before I'd actually finished writing it, this airfield is only about a thirty minute drive away from where I live! So, the day after I'd finished the first draft, I took a drive out to find the field. Unfortunately, though not really surprising, there’s not much left to indicate that a once vibrant, proud airfield full of B17 Flying Fortress’s once flew from the location. There’s a little of the perimeter track left and one hanger that’s still in use. Unfortunately, this hanger is a place of business and I couldn’t talk my way into it to have a look around. I will try again though. Happily, there is a very nice and moving monument placed in one of the remaining aircraft hard stands which I was able to view, plus sign the book of remembrance which is permanently on display there.

One more thing you should know, Clark Gable once flew combat missions from it!

All these books are set at a real airfield, RAF Hamble, which is situated on the south coast of England, near Southampton. In real life, this was crewed by only women pilots! One of only two such stations during the war. I've fictionalized the personnel though various locations featured in this series of books do exist. Visiting Hamble itself, the village has now been swallowed up and become a town, with the only evidence of the airfield, being the entrance gates.

Mind you, I found the memorial to the ATA and also the Victory public house, which is a feature of the stories. Finally, I also ran into some people who’d actually read the books. This was quite a thrill for a novice author, I can tell you.

“Mind the duck!”

Mary’s warning was a smidgeon too late. Betty turned her head toward the shout just when she needed to do the exact opposite and keep her eyes on the path. 

“Aargh!” cried Betty as she was sent sprawling to the ground. 

A loud, angry, “Quack! Quack!” was followed by a flurry of wings and feathers as the slightly stunned duck half flew and half staggered to the sanctuary provided by the river. 

“I did tell her to watch out for the duck,” Mary muttered in her own defense as they rushed to help Betty to her feet. 

Penny and Doris took an arm each as Mary reached to retrieve Betty’s handbag. It had landed precariously close to the edge of the river, and the dastardly duck was snuffling at it before Mary seized it and handed it back to Betty. 

“Mary!” cried Betty. “Grab that envelope!” 

Swiveling, Mary saw a large brown envelope and stooped for it before it could fall into the water. “Got it!” she yelled, waving it in the air. Unfortunately, the envelope being upside down, the contents spilled onto the ground around her, luckily missing going into the river. She bent down to pick them up and was surprised to discover they were all newspaper cuttings.  

Mick is a hopeless romantic who was born in England and spent fifteen years roaming around the world in the pay of HM Queen Elisabeth II in the Royal Air Force before putting down roots and realizing how much he missed the travel. This he’s replaced somewhat with his writing, including reviewing books and supporting fellow saga and romance authors in promoting their novels.

He’s the proud keeper of two Romanian Were-Cats, is mad on the music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, and enjoys the theatre and loving his Manchester-United-supporting wife.

Finally, Mick is a full member of the Romantic Novelists Association. A Wing and a Prayer will be his second published novel, and he is very proud to be welcomed into The Rose Garden.


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  1. Sounds like a great read. Looking forward to reading the book.

    1. Good day, Sherry. You've just made this author's day. Thank you and, take good care! Mick (M W Arnold)

  2. What can I say, but, wow!!!! What a sight to see for these sore eyes! I can't believe the amount of work you've put in for me on your site that, Thank You, doesn't seem enough. However...Thank You! Mick (M W Arnold)

    1. Your words, both here and on Facebook, have had me smiling non-stop since I read them! I'm SO so happy you like the post!!!

    2. Honestly, it's the best blog post I've ever had, and over the weekend, I'm going to let everyone know I think so!

  3. This entire series sounds great!

    1. Bless your little cotton socks for saying so. Thanks, Glenda! Mick (M W Arnold)

  4. This series sounds really interesting, can't wait to read it!

    1. After being sent home from work due to Covid, this really cheers me up. Thank you so much.

  5. Mick, I enjoyed following reading Behind the Scenes, the excerpt, and I enjoyed following the tour and learning about the Broken Wings series, which sounds like excellent reads! Good luck with your books and I hope the tour was a success! Thanks for sharing it with me and have an amazing TGIF!

    1. You're way too kind! I hope to have one for book 4 later this year and I'd be most happy if you would take part. Look after yourself! Mick

  6. Thanks for the great excerpt and Behind the Scenes. The book sounds fascinating.

    1. Thanks for popping by and for saying to, Pippi. Mick (M W Arnold)


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