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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Karma by Laura Simmons ๐Ÿ’• 99¢ Series Tour and $20 Gift Card Giveaway ๐Ÿ’•(Paranormal Romance)

A captivating reincarnation romance of redemption and forgiveness.

If you enjoy reading romance stories with paranormal elements of astral travel, dreams, psychic abilities and reincarnation, then hopefully you will enjoy reading one of these novels.

The books are related but can be read separately.

A captivating reincarnation romance of redemption and forgiveness.

Even though Holly O’Rourke is having problems with her longtime significant other, James, she has never entertained thoughts of infidelity…that is, until the day she has a chance encounter with Charlie, a handsome coworker. James promises he will change and work on their relationship, but Holly’s feelings for Charlie just won’t go away. 

Distressed by her mixed emotions, Holly schedules an appointment for a reading with a psychic medium, where she discovers her adulterous past lives and their tragic consequences. Holly learns to do her own past life regression through self-hypnosis and uncovers not only lives that she shared with James and Charlie, but how the other people in her present life have been with her in the past—the threads of their lives interwoven for centuries. Holly is stunned by recurring themes and the issues of karmic justice that need to be addressed. 

Where will her karmic path ultimately lead? Find out in Little Bits of Karma, an entertaining new book about spiritual cause and effect.

Through July 21st
(Always double-check the price)

Tough Karma - A Race Against Time took my preconceived idea and previous experience of Paranormal Romance, rolled it into a tight little ball and slam dunked it in the bin of old experiences.” The International Review of Books

A chilling tale of loss, tragedy, psychic warfare, and eternal love.

Amber Macklin’s world is cruelly shattered when she loses her baby girl three months after her husband’s sudden death. Her cousin, Bryce, comes to her rescue, moving her into his home for fear she will kill herself from the grief. He provides solace and a shoulder to cry on, and he has loved her as more than a cousin for a long time. Amber and Bryce soon discover they are not blood relatives, which opens the door for romance as he pulls her through her darkest hours. 

When Mike, a college friend of Bryce’s, stops by to visit, Amber senses a deadly secret behind his nice guy persona. She has a frightening dream that Mike is trying to kill her and recurring sleepwalking episodes where she draws detailed pictures of him torturing her. Deeply troubled, Bryce uses his ability to astral travel to investigate Mike and uncover his terrifying past. 

Mike has had his eye on Amber for some time, and when he learns that Bryce and Amber have become lovers, he is furious. Mike abducts Amber and takes her to his rural Georgia hideaway, and Bryce must rely on his astral abilities to track her down. But will he be too late?

Tough Karma is a stand alone novel. The astral adventures continue in Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance. 

Through July 21st
(Always double-check the price)

Dark Karma is a fascinating story that would surely be loved by any fan of fantasy and romance. Simmons proved herself a competent author in writing a tale of angst, magic, and determination." Reader Views

What would you do if you woke up one morning and your world was inexplicably changed in the worst way imaginable?

Banished by his enemy into a hellish alternate dimension, Luke Decker fights to understand why his world has suddenly changed, and why is he on trial for the murder of his beloved Nina? What he doesn’t know is she’s not dead. Nina watches him vanish into thin air and is completely bereft, struggling to find out how and why he disappeared. Using all of her psychic talents and traversing the astral realm, she frantically searches for him to no avail. She owns a secret item which holds the key to his salvation, but will she figure it out before he’s condemned to live the rest of his life in a realm of darkness?

This remarkable tale of vengeance, time travel, and dark magic is even more enjoyable if you read Tough Karma: A Race Against Time first. 

Through July 21st
(Always double-check the price)

This story picks up where Dark Karma left off. Enjoy the next thrilling adventure into alternate dimensions!

“From the first time I saw you back in the 14th century to the day I was imprisoned in the dark realm, you have lived in my dreams and my heart,” David said to Maddie. He knows that she is the reincarnation of his beloved Cara. Can he convince her that they shared a past life? Will she still want him once she learns the truth? And what about the evil immortal who wants her dead?

“If I can pull a cat from a dream, I can rescue Mori from where she’s being held prisoner,” thought Noah Colton. Each night Mori comes to him on the astral plane, begging for him to save her and vanishing before he can follow. Terrified that she will soon be killed, he travels to another dimension to rescue her and bring her to his home. But what will happen when her captors track her down?

Two, out-of-this-world romantic fantasy stories unfold as David and Noah battle dark forces to save the women they love. Find out what happens when the unexpected intervenes and changes everything in these interconnected stories. 

Through July 21st
(Always double-check the price)

Excerpt from Karma: The Resolution, Prologue

Luke and Nina’s Wedding

February 14, 2015

Maddie couldn’t pull her eyes away from David’s adoring gaze. Before she had a moment to speak, he kissed her. She returned his kiss, opening her mouth to deepen the experience. When their lips parted, he still held her close and whispered in her ear, “Cara, my love. I never thought I would see you again.”

“Maddie… my name is Maddie,” she replied, breathless and shocked because the sexy man from her dreams had called her Cara too, although she never saw his face. She realized she should feel insulted because he had been brazen enough to kiss her and then call her by another woman’s name, but she wasn’t.

“Maddie, please forgive me, but I know that you are her. Don’t you feel the connection between us?”

Loosening herself from his embrace, though still gazing into his eyes she took a deep breath. “My middle name is Cara. And yes, I feel like I’ve known you before. Whether or not I’m the reincarnation of your Cara, I don’t know. Although, I’ve had dreams about you for the

past several weeks.”

He replied with an affectionate smile, “Maddie-Cara, I think that on some level you knew we would find each other. From the first time I saw you back in the 14th century, to the day I was imprisoned in the dark realm, you have lived in my dreams and in my heart. I know this is

all so very sudden, and you have no recollection of a past life with me. I don’t mean to be so forward with you; it’s just that I wasn’t expecting this. When Nina showed me your picture it was all I could do to stay composed. I was stunned because you are the exact image of Cara.

I didn’t think you would look so much like her in person. I thought perhaps I was seeing what I wanted to see. But your voice, the way you walk, your facial expressions, your height and figure… you and Cara are one and the same.”

She loved the way he said her nickname and middle names together. “Did you tell Nina about this?”

“No,” he answered shaking his head. “I only said that you looked like someone I used to know, and Noah asked if that was good or bad. I just shrugged my shoulders and changed the subject because I didn’t want to talk about it. The pain from losing you… I… I mean Cara, is

still so fresh. I was mourning your death when I was sent to the dark dimension.”

“How did Cara die?” she asked.

He hesitated a moment, eyes glazing over as he thought about Lily Nolan, the evil witch who’d poisoned Cara because he had fallen in love with her and spurned Lily’s affection. He was about to reply when Noah walked into the room and said with a grin, “I thought I would find you two here. Maddie, your mom is looking for you.”

David was thankful for Noah’s interruption; it bought him time to consider his response to her question more carefully. Although he wanted to tell her the tragic story, this was a happy occasion and he didn’t want to spoil it for her. After what Maddie had gone through the previous night, he now wanted her to have a good time at her sister’s wedding and forget her troubles for a while. When she asked him again later how Cara had died, he told her she was poisoned by a jealous and bitter woman, then swiftly changed the subject to get Maddie to talk more about herself. He had a good reason for delaying the inevitable. Would she still want him once he’d told her the truth?

Laura Simmons grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of her career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. She has a fascination with all things metaphysical. She enjoys writing, jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring books, bowling, vacationing at the beach with her husband, and studying tarot cards and other types of divination systems.


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