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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Transference by Kiki Wellington 💕 Spotlight and EXCLUSIVE Kindle eBook Giveaway 💕(Erotica)

But when she develops erotic feelings for her therapist, will she enter into yet another inappropriate relationship?

After years of suffering the consequences of a sexual dalliance that she can’t seem to live down, Natalie begins therapy to better understand her behavior. But when she develops erotic feelings for her therapist, will she enter into yet another inappropriate relationship?

Warning: Transference (11,900 words) contains parking lot pick me ups, doctor-patient privileges, and a not-so-cunning linguist.

I was ready to give in to my deepest desires, even though I knew they were wrong. Destructive. Morally bankrupt.

Simon’s fingers slowly walked up my leg, making me tingle with every slow, determined step, until they reached their final destination on my crotch. He cradled my pussy in his hand, and even though it was covered up by jeans and panties, it was like he could still feel the heat bubbling up between my legs.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, watching him rub me through my clothes, setting my clit absolutely on fire with every second of his touch. “This is really not a good idea.”

Simon continued massaging my mound through my jeans with one hand, and with his other hand, he unbuttoned his pants, setting a rock hard erection free. “Are you sure about that? Because it sure feels like a good idea to me.”

“I’m sure this isn’t a good idea,” I said, but that didn’t stop me from reaching out and tightly wrapping my palm around his meat, getting a good feel of his inappropriate desires.

“Like I said, we’re just having fun.”

I abandoned what little sense of right and wrong and loyalty I had left, and maneuvered my way on top of his cock, feeling it poke me against my jeans. He reached down to unbutton my pants, slightly lifting me up and exposing my red panties. His eyes got wide. He looked like he could devour me right then.

“You look so sexy in red,” he said, practically drooling.

“Just shut up and let’s do this,” I snarled, disgusted with the both of us. I jumped up to take off my jeans, and maneuvered my way back on top of him. I moved my panties to the side, and slid my pelvis toward his, as if not stripping down naked tempered the amount of betrayal going on.

“Oh, baby, you should take it all off.”

“And you should shut up and fuck me.”


Although I’ve been writing fiction since I was a teenager, I fell into writing erotica because, like many people in this space, I saw the surge of indie erotica after Fifty Shades of Grey was published. I thought I would give it a shot and the result was my first story, Supernatural Seductions.

The fact that my first toe dip into the erotica pool was a paranormal story is no coincidence: I have been both fascinated wholly and frightened witless by the otherworldly since I was dragged to see the original Amityville Horror in the movie theater as a child. Horror movies and novels became my primary go-to entertainment source for many years, and although they made for many sleepless nights, I couldn’t stay away from them.

I also can’t resist a strange story. Or a story with a twist. (I have The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents to thank for that.) I know that some of my stories can be downright weird…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Much like life, the path I take from Point A to Point B is not always a straight line and orgasms are often part of the journey my characters take, not always merely the destination.

I see myself as a literary flesh peddler—that is, like a talent scout, I get the characters together and let them perform. They present themselves to me, tell me who they are and what they want to do, and I give them the stage to do it on. Naked, of course. Some characters are bold and brazen and tell me exactly how they want to navigate the story, while others are more quiet and reserved, causing me to give them stricter direction in their scenes. In the end, I hope this all results in a fun and sexy story that turns you on as it takes turns you may not have expected—but leaves you satisfied on multiple levels nonetheless.

When I’m not writing my quirky erotica, I’m being quirky over on Medium, where I write erotic poetry, sex and relationship tips, flash fiction, and summaries of sex research. This is a great complement to my erotic stories because it allows me to explore sex and relationships in a different way—and hopefully help readers laugh, learn, think, get horny, and find information they can use in their own relationships and sex lives.

I love this strange little corner that I’ve created for myself and whether you read my fiction or my work on Medium, I hope you enjoy it too. I am tremendously thankful for each and every one of my readers because you are giving me your most valuable asset—your time. You could be doing anything in the world right now, but instead you’re spending this moment with me, and for that, I appreciate you.

With gratitude and mind-blowing orgasms,

Kiki Wellington


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