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Need a Media Kit?

The time drain of mindless link-gathering can now be a thing of the past, because I would love to do it instead!

I offer high-quality Media Kits for authors and tour companies that you may easily distribute to bloggers, tour companies, anyone who would like information about your book!

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♥ $10 per individual title (cost for a series can be discussed!)
♥ Additional $5 to create a very basic, easy copy-and-paste HTML
♥ Payment will be due via PayPal upon completion

I will research, gather and assemble book purchase links, the synopsis, excerpt, author information and social media links, book and author images, anything I can possibly find about the book that a blogger can use to create a blog post featuring your book!

Click Here to see a finished sample of what you can expect!

I launched Romance Novel Giveaways in August, 2013.

Since then, I have utilized my paralegal training and what I have learned as a member of the romance novel community to research and add additional content, if available, to each and every blog post that is published here.

I understand what information is necessary in a book-promo blog post and want to save you the time of rehashing all of this book info each time a blogger agrees to feature your book.

I am a self-starter with a strong work ethic and I will treat your Media Kit as if I were making it for my own book.

Most of all, I understand how hard you have worked to complete your book, so sit back, relax, and let me compose the best way to tell everyone about it!

With all of your book info in one place, you can easily distribute this to book blogs to feature.

Now, neither you nor the blogger has to do much legwork so your blog post goes live faster and with complete information.

If hiring a tour company for a book tour, blitz, etc., this will similarly save them time and also ensure that the info they give to the participating blogs is complete and accurate.

Bottom line:  This will save time!

(Click Here to see Feedspot's Top 100 Romance Blog list and imagine how fast and easy it will be to send a Media Kit to each blog with a request to feature your book!)

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