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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Resist by Lilly Avalon ♥ Blitz & GIVEAWAY ♥ (New Adult/Contemporary/Erotic Romance)

Allegra Maxwell is sick of the monotony of life. It's all work and no play, and right now she wants to play. She shows up at her company's yearly meeting with one goal in mind: have a one night stand with a stranger. What she didn't count on is Devlin Pierce walking through the door.

When Allegra first met Devlin, she knew he would be nothing but trouble. After he proved her theory true last year, she made a vow to avoid him at all costs. He's the last person she wants to see, and he knows it. He refuses to leave her alone though. As much as she tries to fight it, the pull he has on her is undeniable. Her ability to resist him proves impossible when Devlin makes her an offer she can't refuse.

One night. That's all he asks. That's all she wants. Or is it?
I let out a groan of exasperation. “Excuse me.” I turn on my heel to the elevator.

“We're not done yet, Allegra,” Devlin calls out after me.

“Oh yeah, why's that?” I ask as I press the button to go up. The elevator slowly makes its way down.

He stands in front of me, blocking the elevator. “Jack sent me out here to make sure you were okay.”

Stepping closer to him, I press a finger to his chest. “You can tell him I was feeling out of it and had to go back to my room.” I lift my hand away only to have him catch it in his. Holding my hand over his heart, his fingers curl around mine. My palm soaks in the heat of his chest through his clothes. A powerful sensation spreads down to my toes and I suck in a breath. My heart skips a beat, and the intoxication of his scent holds me there.

“Is that the truth?” he asks, his eyes searching mine. “Or is it something else?”

I stare into the deep pools of his eyes. There's a shift in the atmosphere. I'm barely aware of him moving in closer, leaning toward me, toward my lips. My eyes are closing of their own initiative, completely ignoring the warning siren blaring in my skull. It's not loud enough. I'm no longer listening. It isn't until the elevator chimes that I realize what is happening. I jerk away from him, yanking my hand from his chest. The spell is broken and I'm not going to let him drown me in it again.

I give him a slight shove to push him out of my way and walk into the empty elevator. I press the button for my floor and look at him. He blinks a few times. I say, “I'll never tell. It's been fun, Devlin.” The doors close, leaving him hanging by a thread.
Lilly Avalon writes new adult and erotic romances. She's in her twenties and lives in a cute little apartment in a small city. She loves reading romantic stories as much as she loves writing them. Her favorite things include dancing, watching scandalous television dramas, and autumn. Lilly Avalon is a pseudonym.
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