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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Woman of Love by Marlow Kelly ♥ Review Tour & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Historical Romance)

When her dissolute husband insists that Lady Annabel Peters bed one of his villainous cohorts to repay a gambling debt, she is scandalized. But she is forced to agree because he controls every aspect of her life.

A physically and emotionally crippled war hero, James Drake has retreated from society. At the request of his brother, he manipulates events so he can interrogate Annabel, a woman he thinks may be part of a ring of thieves.

Neither of them count on an instant and overwhelming attraction. James may now believe Annabel but she suspects her husband plans to kill her. As one of her husband’s friends, James is not to be trusted.

Yet how can she escape a man who has the ability to control her with a gentle kiss?
A very interesting story!

The premise and storyline were unlike anything I have read before. I can't even IMAGINE being put in the position Annabel was forced into, and that made Elliott a very easy villain to hate.

Annabel had been through a lot, even before Elliott, and I really felt for her. I was hoping she would get the happy ending she wanted so badly.

I liked James, a tortured war veteran who finds himself facing a "conflict of interest" between Annabel and his job. His actions with regard to Beth were very endearing, making him the perfect hero!

All in all, it was a good, quick, read full of mystery, action and love!

***i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
She swung around, and came face to face with a demon. He was tall, and broad with long, black hair, a bushy beard, and a scar that traversed his right cheek, narrowly missing his eye. Shadows darkened his face with stark lines making him look like a man who had come straight from hell. She straightened her spine. He was a man, plain and simple. Not a demon, and certainly not from hell. She needed to keep her whimsical thoughts at bay, so she could form a plan.

“Have you changed your mind regarding our rendezvous?” His soft-spoken, polite manner seemed strangely at odds with his appearance.

“I-I never agreed to...” She licked her lips. Why was her mouth so dry? Had his intense gaze turned her into a blathering nitwit?

He clasped her hands, enfolding them in his warm touch. “You have a graze here. Did you fall?” He kissed each palm in turn, his warm breath making her quiver deep in her belly. She wrenched her hands away. Good God. Was she so starved for affection a simple touch could kindle her passion? Yes, she was. It had been years since a man had caressed her with anything close to tenderness.
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After being thrown out of England for refusing to drink tea, Marlow Kelly made her way to Canada where she found love, a home and a pug named Max. She also discovered her love of storytelling. Encouraged by her husband, children and let’s not forget Max, she started putting her ideas to paper. Her need to write about strong women in crisis drives her stories and her curiosity regarding the lives and loves of historical figures are the inspiration for her characters. You can visit Marlow at
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