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Friday, April 14, 2017

April Book Affair ❤️ 46 FREE eBooks & Giveaway ❤️ (Multiple Genres)

April’s Freebie Fair! 46 FREE Books for a
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Two Dragons, One Runaway Mate

When Jasmine is unwillingly sacrificed to the dragons, she flees. On her first night as a fugitive, she meets Kylan, a deliciously sexy man who promises her shelter for the night. Too late, she discovers he is one of them: a dragon shifter. He is full of sex-appeal, muscle and heat. Dillon, his dragon partner, is just as captivating. They swear to protect her while investigating her wrongful sacrifice, but they also sense she is a potential mate and set out to show her how good things could be. Their hot kisses and enticing caresses could be more temptation than she can resist.

Could being a mate to two seductive dragons be what she was destined for all along?

Beware: This is an explicitly sexy 52,000-word novel for adults who enjoy reading about a BBW and her two dragons. Happy ending included.

Mannix Dragon Shifters Series

Their Runaway Mate (Book #1)
Snowbound at Solstice (A Christmas Novella) (Book #2)
Mating of Convenience (Book #3)

"Stop!" A man's voice broke through the chaotic noise.

He ran in front of the dragon and put up his hands as if he could command the beast like a lion tamer. Was he crazy? Maybe he was one of those vigilante slayers come to rescue her? Had he brought friends?

No one else came running. No one else shouted.

The frenzied sounds of her home being ruined still resounded through the air.

Her would-be hero glanced over his shoulder at her. Damn, he was a pretty hot savior. His dark brown hair was long enough to curl your fingers through, his green eyes twinkled, and his mouth was kicked up on one side in a lopsided grin. He winked at her before turning back to the dragon. Good grief, he may be sexy as hell, but he wasn't the smartest guy around. He didn't have a weapon or anything. There was no way he would be able to stop the swarm of giant beasts from invading her house and kidnapping her.

Why did all the good-looking ones have to be nuts?

At least he had stalled the invasion for a minute.

Jasmine scrambled to her bathroom—which was thankfully windowless—and bolted the door. The dragon's deep chuckle followed her. She pushed aside the bath mat, fumbled for the hatch in the floor and wrenched it open. Almost a century ago—long before the average person knew about dragons—this passage had been used for smuggling alcohol during Prohibition. Now it was her only hope of survival.

A thump from the other room suggested that the beast had just jumped into her room. How long would it take him to break through the door? Did dragons in human form have much strength?

What a stupid question. Of course dragons were strong.

That's why the council was sacrificing her and other single women to the beasts. "A treasure fit for a

dragon." Her mother's lilting voice floated through her mind.

Shit, shit, shit.

Where was the blasted light?

Then her fingers found the switch, coated in cobwebs. She squeezed into the narrow opening. It was tight for the first few feet, then she ran out of ladder rungs and her feet dangled free. The whole idea of escaping through a secret passage was crazy. Would she make it? She prayed the opening would be too small for a dragon, even one in human form. But what if—? No, she didn't have time to question that right now. She had to try. She and her mystery rescuer would never be able to fight off a squadron of the winged beasts.

Jasmine let go of the last rung of the ladder she'd been clinging to. She landed with a thud. The fall hadn't hurt nearly as much as she'd feared it might. The small tunnel was tall enough for her stand but narrow enough to bang her shoulders. The yellowy glow of the lights in the underground tunnel made this whole thing seem even more surreal. A loud crack from above shot through the rock-hewn opening.

It was coming.

Oh, God, what had happened to her knight in shining armour? Please let him be okay.

Dust showered her as the beast crashed against the narrow hole again. She had to hope the guy was safe. She just fit in the space. Neither the invading dragon nor her would-be dragon tamer would make it through here.

The dark figure loomed over her. He was shouting, but all she heard was a roar of sounds. The words were unclear. He reached into the hole and grabbed at her hair. She wrenched away, wincing as a handful of strands pulled free.

Then she ran, chased down the passage by the dragon's angry howl.


A little unexpected magic might be just what he needs to find his mate...

When a self-proclaimed wizard decides to summon a dragon on a blustery winter solstice, Lisa's roommate drags her to the event. She's happy to discover Malcolm, the sexy Scotsman she's been drooling over, at the gathering too. The attraction between them is palpable… until the strange magic spell sweeps over them and inexplicable things start to happen.

But dragons aren't real, are they?

And, more importantly, how can she still be drawn to Malcolm after discovering he might actually be a mythical creature?

**Please note: This short Christmas story was first published exclusively in the Love is... Winter Romance anthology in December 2016. Release as an individual title will be in 2017.**

Paranormal and erotic romances–always with happy endings–make me happy, so that’s what I write. I live in Canada, where Mother Nature only seems to allow two months of summer, so I have a lot of time indoors to write even more romances! (You have to keep warm somehow, right?)


1. A Werewolf’s Curse Series was originally called Winter Curves… and there were no werewolves in sight. The premise was that things heated up when the blizzard hit, but then I started writing the second and third books in the series during the mad rush of NaNoWriMo and suddenly my handsome heroes were sexy werewolves.

2. I’ve always wanted to attend a masquerade ball. (Maybe I read too many historical romances.) So I thought it would be fun to throw some contemporary heroines into masks and see what happened, and that’s how the Masquerade Curves series was born.

3. I am currently working on a follow-up story for my His BBW to Hold series. I hope to have it available to my readers soon so you can all see the sexy Ward brothers and their happily-ever-afters. Actually, that’s how A Wolf’s Protection started… I wanted a follow up to A Werewolf’s Curse series and then it grew and grew and ended up as the first in a new series, Lothian Werewolves.

4. I have more ideas for stories than I have time to write! So I’m systematically working through everything and plan to have a bunch more stories available soon. Heroes could be coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes: sexy men, wicked warlocks, and sizzling dragons! I can’t wait to share these with you!

5. My cat’s name is Darcy, named after Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice fame, because… well, just because. 😉

6. I’ve been thinking about writing a dragon story since 2013! Wow! It all started one foggy evening when I was driving alone in the country. The story has changed a lot since that first idea… and now I have a whole series planned around my Mannix Dragon Shifters!


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