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Monday, February 19, 2018

Breaking Down My Walls by Anne Marie Citro 💕 Book Tour & Print Book Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

After the torment of her childhood, Taya believes in love for everyone … except herself. Some things can’t be untaught.

Beautiful and tough, yet the most private woman anyone has ever met, Taya knows everyone has a past, yet she doesn’t share hers. Her past must remain behind her for her sanity and so the only man she has ever loved will move on with someone who hasn’t been destroyed by those who were supposed to protect her.

Then a threat has her past storming back in and taking over.

After looking into the big, baby blue eyes of the deranged little orphan who was dragged, kicking and screaming, into his home, Levi is determined to be the boy who will teach Taya that not every offered hand will betray her.

Playful and gorgeous, Levi’s first passion is the girl who consumes his heart. His second is serving his country, following in his father’s footsteps. When Levi is deployed overseas, he encourages Taya to spread her wings and pursue her dreams, hoping she will come back to her roots and the man who is waiting for her.

Levi is mistaken.

Taya can’t change who she is and has built a life for herself far away from the only man she will ever love.

Can Levi convince Taya their relationship is worth the fight? Can he force her to overcome her fears and let him in completely? Can Levi prove his love is the freedom she has been searching for?

Levi allowed Taya to control their relationship in the past, but now things have changed. He is taking control back, with or without her consent.

As “Don’t You Cry” by Guns N’ Roses started to play, the boys all started to sing. Even Gunner was humming along when he walked into the room, catching on to the irony of the words.
“From Axl’s mouth to God’s ears.”
“That’s not nice, Gunner. She can’t help it.” Katja was a little defensive of the girl who was essentially her adopted daughter now. “Come on, Taya; we can eat in my room.”
“Gunner, you owe them an apology. Katja, please sit down.” Ana felt bad. She knew they were all extra-sensitive because of exhaustion.
Katja was indeed tired, making her very emotional. She really didn’t blame Gunner. She was just at her wit’s end.
She bent down to help Taya up, but the girl grunted and pulled away.
“Taya, come on; let’s go back upstairs. I don’t think the family is ready to have dinner with us.”
Taya slapped Katja’s hand, shaking her head. The girl wouldn’t move.
As the fight elevated, Gunner instructed Levi to turn off Guns N’ Roses and put the calming music back on.
When Levi pulled his phone out and begrudgingly replaced it with his mom’s, Taya flew out of her seat and grabbed his phone, trying to connect it back to the docking station. Levi tried to grab it back before the kid broke it.
“Taya, stop it!”
The little brat wouldn’t stop.
Finally, Levi crouched down to her level, grabbing her hands. “Stop fighting and listen. Do you want to hear the music?”
Taya stopped, looking at Levi with frustration written all over her face as she nodded. “Okay, I’ll put it back on if you sit down like a good girl.” Levi smiled with his dimple, happy she was communicating instead of fighting.

Taking one last look at Levi and seeing the dimple, she walked back to the table, moved her chair away from Katja, and placed it beside Levi’s. Once it was where she wanted it, she sat down and put her bear on her lap. Then, as the music started to play, she closed her eyes and started to sway.
Everyone at the table realized they’d had their first breakthrough in finding something to soothe her. Who knew it would be Guns N’ Roses and not Beethoven?
Now that everything was settled, the women brought the food out.
Taya’s eyes opened when she smelled the food. Seeing everyone taking food before passing a bowl on, she helped herself to very large portions.
Nobody thought the little girl could eat all the food on her plate, but she surprised everyone by eating everything and taking more when Ana offered. Then they were stunned when she ate twice as much as Gunner, devouring every bit of food left in the serving bowls. They were sure the little girl was going to throw up.
She didn’t notice them all staring at her until she reached for some uneaten food on Levi’s plate.
He slapped her hand. “No more, piglet, or you’re gonna be sick.”
She was shocked by the slap, but then she saw the twinkle in his eyes and the dimple in his smile. Taya slapped him back hard.
He pulled back his hands when she looked like she would slap him a second time. She took advantage by snatching the half-eaten bun off his plate, popping it into her mouth before he could stop her. Chewing fast then swallowing, she looked up at him triumphantly, smiling the biggest smile since she had arrived.
Levi and everyone else broke out into a fit of laughter.
“You won round one, piglet, but I’m on to you.” He bent sideways, bumped her shoulder with his, and winked.


Anne Marie Citro grew born and raised in the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada. She grew up in a large, loving family. Anne Marie is married to a very patient man. He is the love of her life. They have four very cool sons, and the girls they brought into their family that have become daughters of her heart. She has been blessed enough to finally have a beautiful granddaughter after four sons. She has her own personal gaggle of girlfriends, who enrich her life on a daily basis and make her laugh. Caesar Friday is her favourite day of the week. Caesars with the girls and date night with her hubby. She works with special-needs teenagers, that have taught her how to appreciate life and see it through gentler eyes. Anne Marie was encouraged by her husband to follow her lifelong dream to write. She loves the characters that take over imagination and haunts her dreams. She loves the arts and she has tried her hand at painting, wood sculpting, chainsaw carving, wood burning, metal and wire sculptures. Yes, her husband is a very patient man! Anne Marie is an avid reader and enjoys about three books per week. But nothing makes her happier then riding on the back of her husband's Harley and throwing her arms out and feeling the wind race by. Anne Marie and her husband take a few weeks every year to travel to spectacular destination around the world. Anne Marie is excited and can't wait to see what the next chapter holds for her life.


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