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Monday, February 19, 2018

Lottie Loves by Samie Sands 💕 Fun Facts, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

“Will you marry me?”

Four words I’ve waited my whole life to hear. Four words I was sure would change my life forever…and they did. Just not in the way I expected.

Finding out my extremely gorgeous rock star boyfriend was about to propose had the complete opposite effect I thought it would. Rather than catapult me into a future I’ve always wanted, it plunged me back to a past I tried to forget.

Now I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t help but wonder what could have been, how our lives would have ended up if he didn’t leave me behind, a shattered mess.

All these memories are dangerous. They’re bringing my past back to ruin my future. And worst of all, they’re taking me right back to him, my childhood sweetheart, my first love…my biggest regret.

5 Facts About Lottie Loves

1. It was first published on Wattpad...

As my books before Lottie Loves were all in the horror genre, I first posted it chapter by chapter on Wattpad to see what people thought of my romance writing. The response I got was so positive that I decided to send it to my publisher and they loved it!

2. There is a secret chapter at the end of the book...

If you buy the book as an eBook, you’ll get access to a secret chapter that gives you a little insight to Lottie’s life after the plot ends.

3. Readers didn’t expect the reason for the split...

People who’ve contacted me after they’ve read the book, and the readers who go to know the plot via Wattpad, were all really shocked to find out what tore Lottie and Joe apart. I hope that you are too!

4. The book is only about Lottie...

While the book is based around Lottie’s love life and which direction she should take, ultimately the plot is about her and her life. She’s comfortable where she is, but could she be happier? I’m sure that’s something we’ve all felt from time to time.

5. Danny is based on someone...

The character of Danny is very loosely based on a member of a band that I’ve always loved. If you can guess who, I’ll send you a free paperback copy of the book! Email your guesses to

I yanked my phone angrily out of my pocket, not at all in the mood to talk to anyone, least of all the name that I saw plastered across the screen.


I rolled my eyes, almost stuffing the phone back in my pocket, really not wanting to speak to him. My mum had put me in the worst mood, and for the first time ever I wasn’t excited to talk to the man I loved.

Just as my hand slid into my jeans, my heart pounded uncomfortably against my chest, and I rapidly changed my mind. I couldn’t ignore Danny, not when he’d done nothing wrong. Just because I was all shook up and pissed off, it wasn’t his fault. Plus I had no idea when he would call again, so I shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Hi…” I started, but Danny jumped in almost instantly, not letting me get a word in edgeways.

“Lottie? Are you okay? It isn’t true, I promise you. I didn’t…it isn’t what it looks like…I…” He sounded panicked and stressed, which meant he wasn’t making any sense, causing everything within me to halt in shock. Danny was a pretty laid back person when it came to most things, so to hear him like that meant that something really bad had happened. I just couldn’t work out what it was…

“Woah, slow down.” I tried to sound calm, but even I could hear the hollow twinge to my tone. “What the hell are you going on about?” I stood outside the front door to my home, unable to even think about hunting through my bag for the key when something so potentially life changing was about to happen.

“You mean you haven’t seen it yet?” He gasped weakly, his words cracking painfully with emotion. I shook my head silently, waiting for him to continue. “I…I thought you hated me already. I thought you knew.” He panted a few times, and I noticed my breaths becoming as ragged as his, as if my body was trying to prepare me for what was to come next. “The newspapers…they’re saying some things. Some awful things…but they aren’t true, I promise you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, everything swirling around inside of me until I almost felt sick with it all. My brain wasn’t quite processing any of Danny’s words, but my body had already come to its own, very unwelcome, conclusion. “What the fuck are you saying, Danny?”

“At the industry party last night…there was this girl…”


I don’t even know how to describe it, it was utterly the best moment of my life. All of my dreams couldn’t even begin to imagine how good it was going to be. I can’t even believe that I’m writing this…after all the heartache, all the wondering, it’s finally happened and now we can actually be together.

This is the best thing ever!


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