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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Beyond a Veiled Reflection by Christine Church 💕 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Fantasy Romance)

Prepare for a new world, and a new Dimension.

Dane and Meirah are back, but they are not alone...

An enemy from their past has returned and is determined to get revenge on those he felt betrayed him and destroyed his life, his home. You've seen Mikaire, now enter Almareyah, where even a mere step into a puddle of water can mean torture, agony, and death.

After a fight separates Dane & Meirah, they discover their enemy has survived the death of Mikaire and he is out for revenge. And this time he has powers - wizard powers! Creating his own Dimension in the folds of time, he is unstoppable in his quest to make Meirah his Queen and Dane his blood slave.

Though this is Book Two, there is enough information to understand the plot without having read Book One.

A Note from Dane Bainbridge
an Introduction
(written after the events of “Beyond Every Mirror”)

I’m not exactly what one would call a great writer, but since the first story of my adventures came out in the book, Beyond Every Mirror (which, on my manager’s insistence, has been written and marketed as fiction), I was asked to write this note. I have no idea what to say, and some say I ramble so I will try not to do that. You can read the book if you want the details. Haha. The only thing I usually write is songs. Yeah, I’m a famous singer. I also play piano and keyboards in the band. We are what I call a Symphonic hard rock band. The only other writing I have done was when a friend told me I should start my own blog. So I did.
Unfortunately, most of the posts in my blog aren’t even written by me. When I was kidnapped into the Dimension behind mirrors (Mikaire), I kinda had to stop writing in it. Not only because I had to leave my laptop behind, but because, well, there are no laptops in Mikaire. There’s not much of anything except ancient and anachronistic buildings and foliage. And the people… blood drinkers. I call them vampires, though they don’t call themselves that. Not that I am much into technology anyway, never have been, except where music is concerned, because, well, I have to be. It’s my career. It makes sense, though. Most of my lives were lived long before technology. Yep, I remember them all now. Who knew reincarnation was a real thing… except it seemed to be only reserved for me! Lucky me. I guess I am, for I never would have met my beautiful wife if I hadn’t been.
To continue on, I am married to a beautiful ginger-haired woman who happens to come from Mikaire. I know, it’s all so crazy and if it had not happened to me I wouldn’t have believed it. Meirah and I are happily awaiting the birth of our first child. The worst part about that is, because she conceived while in her home Dimension of Mikaire, it will take close to 5 years in this Mortal Dimension (as it’s called by the others) for her to give birth. The time variation between Mikaire and here is vast. One year there is 32 years here. Enough time for me to live yet another life, become an adult, then be dragged back for sacrifice. Ugh. So many times I died. But I didn’t fight it too much. After all, if I lived, my love and her world would perish. It’s all pretty nuts actually.
I’m not allowed to say much about the events that occurred because it’s all in the book. But, as almost a year has gone by, I admit I have been having nightmares. My birthday approaches (December 24th) and I fear being taken yet again. Especially since I’m happy now. Ok, nothing’s perfect. But I have my lovely wife, my band and a child on the way. And yet, the fear of having to return only to be tortured and sacrificed weighs heavily on my mind. Much to my wife, Meirah’s dismay, I have begun once again to drink rather heavily. That’s my vice. I love wine and Rum. I have a wine cellar beneath my mansion in Aiken, SC (USA).
I haven’t a huge amount to say, as like I said before, I am not a writer of words unless they pertain to the lyrics of a song. If you have a burning desire to talk to me or ask questions, you can email me at You can bug the author of the book, too, if you wish (hahaha). I think her email is Don’t bug her too much, however. She’s a nice lady who reminds me a bit of my mother. She was chosen to write my story because she’s a writer who’s been at it for decades! I think she did a pretty good job.
That’s all for now, I guess. Thanks to all who listen to our music and read this author’s books. None of us artists could make it without fans!
With Love,
Dane Bainbridge

Chapter -Twenty-Five-

“A broken heart is the worst. It’s like having a broken rib. No one can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe.”


Charleston, SC

Two weeks passed with no word from Bruce. Last she had heard from her husband he had gone back to Vegas to help Dane search for Meirah.

Even when on tour, not a day passed when Bruce didn’t call her. She had phoned the police in Vegas weeks ago. They’d told her a Dane Bainbridge had reported his wife missing around the same time. Not new news. She loved Dane and Meirah like family, but she wished they had not included Bruce in their adventure, even though he told her it was his idea to go along.

Caitlyn had to assume they had found their way into whatever dimension they suspected Meirah had been taken into… the only reason Bruce would not call.

And so, she had been keeping busy caring for their son, fans of the band, and even the media who had heard the news of the band’s possible break-up. That alone made her want to shut off the phone, but she needed to keep the line open in case Bruce called.

So, when the phone rang late that evening, she sighed, assuming another reporter had gotten their private number. She answered anyway.

“Mrs. Beaufort?” said a male voice on the other end.


“This is Captain Smith, of the Charleston Police Department. Can you open the gate please, we need to speak to you.”

Caitlyn’s heart jumped a beat. “Why? What is it?”

“We are just outside. Please, open the gate and we will come to you.”

Unsure if this was a reporter trying to find a way in, she moved to the window and slid open the shade. Down on the street, she could see a police car waiting outside the gate… and a cop holding a cell phone standing outside it.

She almost dropped her phone. “D-Did you…did you find my husband?” she didn’t want to hear the answer. If the police were there, it was bad news.

“We’re not sure. Please. Go to the door so we can talk.”

“O-Ok…” She hung up the phone and went downstairs. Her legs wanted to give out, but she just kept telling herself nothing was wrong. Bruce was with Dane in some other dimension in time… a place the police, or anyone else in the “real” world, would never believe or understand.

She pressed the gate button and moved to the front door. She opened it just as two officers exited the car and approached her. For some reason she didn’t understand, her legs went numb.

“Mrs. Beaufort?”

Why was he asking her name again? “Yes.” Was it her imagination or did her voice sound shaky?

“We need you to come with us.”

Was she under arrest? “Why?”

“A body was found that fits the description of your husband. You need to make a positive identification.”

“A b-body?” That meant dead. No, it certainly wasn’t Bruce. He was in some weird space in time, she reminded herself.

“Yes, ma’am. Please…”

“I-I um… I have a son… I need to…”

“Do what you need to find care for him, we’ll wait.”

From there, her motions were on auto pilot. Her mind continued to convince her it couldn’t be Bruce, yet her body had gone numb all over, as if her subconscious was trying to prepare her for the worst. She called the nanny, promising extra pay, and then dressed in a light pink blouse that was Bruce’s favorite, and a skirt. She slipped her feet into flat pumps and told Lisa, the nanny, who arrived within several minutes, that she would be right back.

She knew Lisa asked a bunch of questions but if she answered she couldn’t remember. Nothing from there on out was held to memory; not the drive to the hospital, nor the doctor or the long walk down to the morgue. All of it happened, but to someone else. A movie she fell asleep watching, or a book she’d read. But not to her.

Even as she was led into a cold room lined with steel drawers did it not feel real. Nor as the Coroner opened one of those drawers and she could see the covered body within. She didn’t even realize she had been fisting the material of her skirt so hard that she tore a seam.

When the sheet was pulled back, she was sure the man that lay there could not be Bruce. The beard was too long, he had been stripped of his clothing and the long dark hair was dirty and matted. Could be some homeless man, she told herself, but deep within she knew.

“Is this your husband?” asked the police officer.

She wanted to shake her head no, but found herself nodding. When she opened her mouth no words escaped.

A hand touched her arm, and she wasn’t sure why until she realized her knees were buckling. And she was crying. No, this was not Bruce, it couldn’t be! But it was. She saw the distinctive mole on his upper right breast. The one she always circled with her finger when they were lying in bed talking or after they made love. Though the hand still held onto her arm, she briefly saw the floor before everything went black.

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"An intriguing start to a promising new series." -KIRKUS REVIEW

"His day was going great—until he discovered he was dead.
Dane Bainbridge never believed in past lives or reincarnation, or any of that other ‘nonsense,’ as he called it, even though his was a life wrought with bizaar occurrences; most particularly, the “Mirror Lady,” who had been visiting him occasionally since he could remember. And she was about to become all too real…"
This book is for those with an open mind, wishing something different, where they can disappear into a world with rich characters, strange worlds, beasts beyond imagination. Where time can be bent, people reincarnated at the will of a Wizard, and a love story so deep it defies the confines of time. **Includes violence, both physical and mental, some sexual situations and strong language.

Beside his own image in the mirror, Dane Bainbridge sees a ginger-haired beauty with stunning emerald eyes. Behind her, sprawling red mountains and clouds as if from another world. He has seen her all of his life. A life filled with glamor and fame...and loneliness. For, the woman in his mirrors is his one true love. However, he doesn't know this yet, not until he is dragged into her world - one of beasts and barriers beyond human imagination. One where his sacrifice and death are the only thing keeping the woman he loves and her world alive.

Meirah has loved him since she was only a teenager, when she stumbled upon a human who came through to her world by accident. Always fascinated by humans, her curious nature gets her into trouble and spells doom for all eternity for the man she falls in love with.

Now that Dane remembers it all, there are no more chances. He and Meirah must find a way to survive. He is the key that keeps her alive, she is the key that gives him hope. Can they break the curse that keeps them separated by torture and death and escape together from a world that exists beyond every mirror?

Contemporary Fantasy Romance with a Twist

Praise for Beyond Every Mirror:

"You might say that Christine Church has created her own sub-genre in her novel Beyond Every Mirror: Book One—Anachronistic Dimensions. In the spirit of today’s greatest paranormal fantasies, Church’s book transcends space and time and creates a bridge where one wasn’t envisioned until now. Romance mixes with the otherworldly as Dane and Meirah discover each other through a mirror that shows more than what each can see of themselves. Dane is Meirah’s saving grace and she is his future and past. Life and death are almost interchangeable in this love story, and it’s up to readers to translate the language of love that exists in an unpredictable connection of dimensions." -America Star Review, June 2017

"I have never read anything quite like it and I loved it. Brilliant and well written. Superb!! And the writing style of the author was amazing." Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite

"Fans of Lord of the Rings, Diana Gabaldon, Anne Rice, and all fantasy novels will really enjoy this book! Truly one of the best books I've ever read!" Bonnie, Amazon Customer

"I actually fell asleep with the book in my arms and woke up to read it in the morning." Amazon Customer

"Great fantasy and very exciting, a real page turner." Amazon Customer


If he can't change the past, he will rule the future.
Kaeplan has arrived in past Mikaire, at the time of Sir Kori’s capture, ready to execute his plan to prevent Meirah from ever loving the mortal who destroyed his life and his home.
Dane & Meirah must stop him before he alters the future and separates them forever. But, in their attempt, they inadvertently trap themselves in Mikaire of the past with no apparent way out.

In the meantime, Kaeplan has taken over Vertemps, plans to resurrect Mikaire, and merge them with Almareyah, shifting the timeline and rendering himself one of the most powerful wizards in all the dimensions.

Can Dane and Meirah stop him from altering the past and ultimately destroying the future?

˃˃˃ From the Award-Winning Time Dimensional Series...
Beyond Every Mirror
"An intriguing start to a promising new series." -KIRKUS REVIEW

"Great fantasy and very exciting, a real page turner." Amazon Customer

"A thorough and intense romantic tale." -Online Book Club

"More please! There is nothing better than finding a new series and a wonderful new author and I found both in Beyond Every Mirror." -D Brent

Beyond a Veiled Reflection

Reader's Favorite!


"This is definitely one of the best and most entertaining fantasy romances I have read..." -Rabia Tanveer

"A wonderful story full of excitement, action, and heart-felt romance." -Grant Leishman

"Betrayal, heartache, manipulation, and dangerous revelations will keep you turning the pages of this unique novel." -K.J. Simmill

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Christine Church is the bestselling author of the Fate of the True Vampires series.


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  1. Interesting story idea! Love the singer/songwriter aspect!

    1. Thank you! Music has always been a big inspiration to my writing. The first book in this series was originally a short story I wrote when I was 15. Hope you read and love the series. <3

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