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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pillow Talk Books 💕 Guest Post, Company Spotlight & Kindle Giveaway 💕 (Free & Bargain Romances)

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The 7 Things Every Binge Reader Can Relate To

1. Snack Stash Preparation

Preparing for a hardcore binge read is as intensive as packing for a long road trip. Before you get cracking on your latest stack, you've already gotten your snacks and hydration ready to go—or you're planning to ask someone to bring them over, just as soon as you finish up this chapter.

2. Managing Book Supply

Those shelves aren't just for show. You've got your book stash set to go whenever you need it, and you've got an organizational system that can only be comprehended by another binge reader. You've even got a dedicated space for library books, which leads us to...

3. Due Date Blues

Library book due dates are the saddest days on your calendar. If your local library has an auto-renew option set up, you take (maybe a little too much) advantage of it, and the librarians know you—but mainly as the one with the massive request list, who also hoards books until the last possible moment.

4. Absolutely No Middle Ground

Either you binge or you bounce, there's no in-between setting, as much as you sometimes wish you could find one. The days that you don't spend chewing through massive chunks of your reading list, you can't seem to focus on a single book at all. Guess we all need some time off!

5. Sleep? What Sleep?

Of course, it's not only the days that you use. Most binge readers have a tendency to burn the midnight oil—after they've already run through their daily dose of sunshine, their allotment of evening candles, and the early morning lamplight as well. If you're in the middle of a good book binge, sleep is an entirely secondary concern. Besides, you're totally going to sleep! After you finish this next chapter.

6. Getting in the Groove

Hitting your stride takes training, dedication, and practice, but once you're in your groove, you're good to go for hours on end. While your go-to groove method might not be the same as your book-lover BFF's, it can be comforting to know that you're not alone when it comes to psyching yourself up for the big readathon—and bracing for what comes after.

7. That Post Binge Crash

Ah, yes. The big crash, the bane of every hardcore marathon reader out there. If you're a binge reader reading this on one of your between-book breaks, you're probably intimately familiar with the post-binge slump. Some, like the post-series crash, can be rough but manageable—as long as they don't turn into a post-everything published crash (where you have to wait for the next release) or the post-everything the author wrote crash.

Wherever you are, and whatever you're reading, we raise a book to you, oh brave and determined binge reader. Read on!

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