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Friday, May 24, 2019

Living In Shadows by Anna Volk 💕 Fun Facts, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Wolf Shifter Romance)

Four Powerful Couples, All Living In Shadows
Walking In Shadows Dylan and Jilly have been rivals for years yet Dylan has always been attracted to Jilly but will there new found love survive her secrets?

Hiding In Shadows Savannah has suffered betrayal and chooses withdraw from the world. Is Jimmy the man to drag her from her self-imposed prison.

The Hunter Cassandra and Michael are in love and can't wait to announce their engagement. But Michaels brother Justin wants Cassandra for himself even if the result is Michael's death.

Defender of Shadows Marcus has spent years walking and hiding in shadows. Now he must learn to trust and accept help to get redemption and protect the woman he loves and more importantly whom loves him despite the shadows that lurk within.

When I was younger, I can remember my dad complaining that I spent all of my time in my room reading. I read everywhere, on the school bus, the driver always said he wished all the kids were like me. I’d scrunch down with my knees pressed into the seat ahead of me and real all the way to school and again on the way home. I guess I just naturally fell into the writing world. Being on line, joining groups, which led me to meeting likeminded women, at home no one shared the same interests, joining the groups I could discuss books and people knew what I was talking about. This led me to attending my first ever RT Convention in Orlando where I met which would eventually be my Publisher as well as my Cover Model. (Fun fact, the first group I ever joined was a John DeSalvo Group and WOW look who is on the cover of this book.) It’s a dream come true.

A little about the series of Living in Shadows. Our family has a cabin and we spend many weekends in the summer there. Many of the little happenings in the four books actually did take place there. Without giving away plots and spoilers I will say that I indeed took a Crappie Flop while walking through the woods. (I’m not the most coordinated LOL!) None of the characters of course are real but the names of animals certainly are. I loved writing a little of truth into this series and I love each and every one of my characters.

I don’t really know if my writing style is unique. I just do my thing and hope others enjoy what I create. I write for myself, stories that I would like to read. I don’t outline, don’t plot, don’t sit at a computer and work for hours. I sit curled on my sofa with pen and paper, yes, I have many notebooks filled as I write everything out in long hand and then add it to word it’s my way to read through my work and flash a light bulb may pop on and say “ooh and then this happened.” It allows my creative juices to flow.

I didn’t set out with this story to become a four-book series but the characters just kept growing. I absolutely hated one of the characters in the first book. Uh Uh Uh, not going to spoil it for you, but as you now sometimes the ultimate bad boy can come out of the shadows and be the best defender.


Marcus bowed his head. “I apologize for Becca’s action. She won’t bother you again. You have my word.” He looked toward Sable and took a small step. The wolf whined and curled herself into a tighter ball. Marcus hesitated and shook his head. For a moment he slumped, mixed emotions crossed his face, then he took a deep breath and squared his shoulders. “I’m truly sorry.” He turned and walked proudly out the door. “Man, is he cute,” Carrie uttered, her hand on her chest. “Isn’t he the guy that protects the wolves north of here?” Jimmy stepped forward. “Don’t even think it, young lady.” “He’s way too old for you,” Dylan and Jilly said simultaneously. Carrie laughed. “Cool it you guys. I just said the guy was hot. Don’t have a cow.” She put her hands on her hips. “I’m not a baby.” Jimmy watched the door. “What was that all about?” Dylan shook his head. “I have no idea but, girls, I want to personally apologize for all mankind if that’s the way you feel after a man gives you the once over.” He shook his body and brushed his hands down the front of his shirt. “I feel unclean.” Jilly walked over and gave his face a slight pat, lightly tweaking his dimple. “Relax, big boy. It’s me she was trying to get a rise out of, although you are pretty darn cute.” she winked. “Thanks, darlin’.” He gave her a quick peck on the lips. “I have something for you,” he whispered and reached into the front pocket of his jeans. “Turn around.” He gently pushed on her shoulder to turn her back to his front. He lifted her hair as he slipped the chain around her neck and fastened the clasp in back. “I know it can’t replace your friend, but I thought it would be a nice memory of her.” Jilly fingered the small charm and turned to face Dylan. “Thank you so much, Dylan.” Tears slipped down her cheeks and she swallowed the lump in her throat. The replica was of a mother bear with a small cub sitting beside her. “I’ll treasure it.” She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, her tears falling on the bare skin of his neck. Dylan gently rubbed her back. “And I’ll treasure you darlin’.”


I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. When pregnant with my 2nd child I decided to try my hand at writing. 21 years later I’m still doing what I love. I’ve been married to the love of my life for 29 years. We have two wonderful boys who have grown into remarkable young men and have found beautiful soulmates. I have been blessed with my first grandbaby and he keeps us all on our toes and fills our days with laughter.
I love to hear from my readers. You can visit my Facebook Page Anna’s Journey to receive sneak peeks of my works in progress as well as links to purchase my books.


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  1. Sounds like a really good book.

  2. Which character do you most relate to in your book?

    1. I tried to put a little of my attitude in all the female characters. I’m going to say probably Jilly or Carrie.

  3. Thank you for hosting DCL authors!

  4. I have enjoyed the tour. Sounds like a book I will enjoy reading.

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  8. sounds like a fun one

  9. I love a good shifter book and this looks good.the cover is hot to.

  10. Great cover, I love the sound of this book!

  11. Thank you all. Happy Reading!


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