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Saturday, February 15, 2020

πŸ’• Vampire Romance Free Book Blast πŸ’• (Bookfunnel)

In your journey around the romance novel community, you've no doubt clicked a link for a "free eBook" that lands you on a a funny-looking page.
Chances are, you're at Bookfunnel.
But what is Bookfunnel?

Well, it's a secure, free-for-readers  website that allows you to get a free eBook!
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Authors use Bookfunnel primarily to build their newsletter base.
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So now that you're going in eyes-wide-open, check out these vampire-themed freebie offers, featuring Lorraine Pearl!
(Offer ends March 15, 2020)

Check out these freebies from the Vampire Romance Free Book Blast at Bookfunnel!

They dream of spending eternity together, but will secrets and betrayal destroy their relationship and their lives forever?

Two hundred years ago in England, after nearly eight centuries of immortal life, Bastian Evanko has finally found the woman he wants to be with forever. Now he is ready to reveal his secret and tell her he is a vampire, but past experience has shown him mortal women may not be able to accept him for what he is.

Elise McNeil loves Bastian with all her heart and can’t wait to share her life with him, to have a family with him, until he shows her the monster he hides inside. But Elise has a secret of her own. Her brother, Jacob, is a vampire Hunter. When Jacob’s and Elise’s parents go missing, will she keep Bastian’s secret or betray him for her family’s sake?

Warning: This novella is a romantic tragedy—with a tragic ending—but the rest of the books in this series will be romances and have happy endings. This is also the only book in this series that is set in the past. The other books are all set in the present.


In one vampire’s struggle for redemption, can a mortal woman’s love conquer all or will his recklessness condemn her to death as it did another two centuries before?

After two hundred years in exile, vampire Bastian Evanko has come back to earn his brother's respect and to plot revenge against the vampire who murdered his fiancΓ©e, Elise. In The Sin City of the East, Bastian must fight his rebellious nature and learn to control his impulsiveness. When he asks for a private dance from stripper Darling Nikki, he gets far more than he bargains for—including another chance at love. But is the love of a beautiful woman enough to sate his need for retribution?

Nicole French simply wants to learn how to live in her new town without having a break-down over the painful memories she hides. Having a man in her life is the last thing she needs. When Bastian asks for a private dance, and to drink her blood, things heat up quickly in the private room with the sexy stranger. The only problem is he likes to pretend he’s a vampire and suck down human blood.

After losing Elise because of his secrets, can Bastian risk bringing Nicole into his life? But, on the other hand, can he pass up another chance at love?


Can two deeply wounded souls help one another heal or will past and present collide to destroy them before they have the chance to find love?

Vampire Johnathan McCombs has spent the last century isolating from humanity whenever possible, trying to come to terms with a past that haunts him. When he finally realizes he needs help dealing with his issues, he seeks out a mortal psychologist, hoping her ethical boundaries of confidentiality will allow him to reveal his secrets. He tries ignoring his growing attraction for her, but when circumstances throw them together outside the professional setting of her office, will he be able to contain his passion?

Psychologist Stephanie Taylor connects with her clients because personal experience has made her understand what heartache and trauma do to a person. But when her hot new client drops the bomb on her that he is a vampire, she has no idea what to do or how to react. Now she must look at her life in a whole new light. She has inadvertently put her life in danger and become part of a dark world she thought was only pretend.

In one night, everything changes. Old rivals pull Stephanie into their fight, and Johnathan must make a life or death decision. Can they survive long enough to find peace with their individual problems and have a chance at love?


Can he disarm her with his charm and make her surrender or will life have to beat her down until she gives in to her longing, even though it terrifies her?

Olivia Fournier keeps her immortal heart locked away, determined never to allow another man—another vampire—to rip it to shreds as her sire did. She is the cold-hearted bitch everyone hates, and she likes it that way. The last thing she wants is love… Or is it?

Alexander Mitchell has recently been tasked with leading the fight for vampires’ survival against the growing threat of the Hunters. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by the infuriatingly frustrating Olivia Fournier. Then again, maybe she is exactly what he needs.

Can the pair work together to save their species? Or will Olivia’s trust issues and attempts at undermining Alex’s leadership cause them to lose more than a chance at love, but to lose their lives, as well?


What happens when a billionaire playboy vampire falls in love…with his courtesan?

Christof Rosenbaum has spent centuries feeding his many desires, blood and sex topping that list. Everything he ever wants merely falls into his lap, or he simply takes it. He has lived a charmed life…until recently. Now, his best friend won’t speak to him, he’s haunted—literally—by his past, and he is in love with a woman he can never have for himself. A woman he must share with other men on a nightly basis.

Vampire Rochelle Montague runs a thriving bordello with her sister. She has her perfect life in order…until she gets a little too close to Christof. Now that a vengeful ghost is targeting her and Christof, her carefully built world comes crashing down around her. As if that isn’t enough, two sexy vampires profess their undying love for her. If they survive, how will she choose who to be with for eternity?



Lorraine Pearl writes sexy paranormal romance. Her main interest is in writing vampire stories, but she has recently branched out into other paranormal creatures, including angels and demons, as well as hot dragon shifters. She also writes toe-curling, short erotic stories under the name D. L. Pearl.

She loves to read paranormal romance novels and anything with vampires in it. She hopes others feel the same since she prefers to write vampire stories. Her books feature strong heroines, gorgeous heroes, and vampires that actually bite.

Whatever your desires, they will be fulfilled in the pages of Lorraine's books. Lose yourself in emotional stories of love and lust.

For more information, please visit Lorraine's official website at


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