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Friday, March 20, 2020

Fay's Wish by Dee Carver πŸ’• Q and A, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Paranormal Romance)

Shayla, Princess of the Fay, must begin the journey to discover her true power by leaving the island. If she's successful, she will become queen. Her plight won't be an easy one, for there are those who would use Shayla as a means to solidify their own position of power.
Kyle, Shayla's guide in the human world, is destined to bring hope to the Fay even though his own future seems bleak. With Kyle by her side, miracles can happen, offering the promise of the return of the magic.
Once that happens, nothing is impossible.

What are your top 10 favorite books/authors?

Charlaine Harrie – Sookie Stackhouse Series
Laurell K. Hamilton – Anita Blake Series (1st half)
Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Norville
Emily BrontΓ«'s - Wuthering Heights
Kimberly Kincaid – Turn up the Heat
Avery Flynn – Butter Face

What book do you think everyone should read?

The one that carries them away and reminds them of their dreams.

How long have you been writing?

I used to write poems in high school but that stopped many years ago. I did not pick back up the ‘pen’ until 2003 when the dream about a dress took place.

Do the characters all come to you at the same time or do some of them come to you as you write?

They come to me as they will it. La Roe’s came about because of a dress and, Emerald, the woman who was wearing it, then the leading male. Fay’s Wish was because of the rain, then, Shayla who was in mourning, those around her and then the hero. While Chocolate Seductions began as a stand-alone, where Ambrosia wanted her pain to be told, Grant and Harry came next, while Kevin snuck his story in.

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

Since the characters talk to me before I begin writing, I try to find their names first. Generally, I have an idea of how they look, their mannerism and some of what they are feeling. Once the scenes start to unfold then I know their location and begin looking into it. I have found that if I do too much research before or during the story, the characters voices get stifled.

Do you see writing as a career?

I write for my company’s blog, I have ghost written for others, however story telling has never been about the career or money, it’s always been about the main ladies bugging me to tell their stories.

What do you think about the current publishing market?

Since I work in marketing, I can say that there are some things that have not changed over the past decade but there have been more changes than not. Reaching the readers, using the right methods for SEO / SEM have always been a constant. Organic growth is a must when considering any type of marketing.

Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre?

I generally prefer romances, however, the last few years I have been obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Masters in Business, that has taken a lot of my reading time. I also enjoy reading books on coding, marketing, and general geeky things.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

I write with music playing, my children were little when I began to write stories and though I could always see them, I used headphones to drown out the TV. Now whether I am working on a book or writing code, I prefer to have music playing to drown out the small sounds around me.

Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at a time?

I currently have 5 stories for the Cursed Seduction series; however, I have found that I have no choice but to focus on one character at a time. When a new character comes to mind and starts harassing me, I may take notes but I try to stick with the current book.

If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?

That would have to be Sookie! Though the series came to and end, it is one that I have picked up several times to read again and again.

Pen or type writer or computer?

I began using a pen and paper, then went to a typewriter and finally the computer. Though I think that pen and paper inspire creativity, common sense says computer.

What is your writing Kryptonite?

I have to say that time is my biggest enemy, often I do not have the time to sit down and write or I am tired from the day and just need to veg out for a while.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

Since my heroines are the ones doing the telling, I would say more original.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Lots! LOL … Honestly if I could go back there were a couple of really good offers made that at the time, I did not have the common sense to take. I would like to go back and tell the younger me, jump on it, take a chance… You will kick yourself later if you don’t.

Do you believe in writer’s block?

Not only do I believe in it, I have experienced it. The initial rough draft of Chocolate Seduction was done years ago, however, it is only recently that I have felt the call to return. If that is not a block, I don’t know what is.

I awoke standing in the throne room, my Father in front of me weeping. An ethereal breeze lifted strands of my hair as I looked around the expansive room. No one else was there. Slipping silently to his side, I laid my hand on his quaking shoulder. “Father, why do you cry so?”
He shuddered and gaped at me, surprise and fear on his loving face. It nearly broke my heart.
“I do not understand. How are you here before me, when I know you are gone for all time?”
“I received word today of your death in the human world.”
Gone? His words echoed inside me like a yawning cavern, the torment and pain making me doubt my existence.
“I do not understand. Who would tell such lies to you?”
“Lies? I pray for lies. Even now, Jack and Aine travel by sea, bringing your body home. At first, I thought they were mistaken, for you did not fade. Then, I was reminded of the Fay who had fallen before you in the human world. They had not faded until they were brought home. The same is for you.”
Father had never been a fanciful or delusional man. He must believe in my death, yet I knew I dreamed.
“On what day did I die?”
He sobbed. “Your birthday.”
“But, how is it you are weeping for me?”
I got no response. Not being able to reach him to reason, I attempted to reason with myself. My birthday fell a week from now.
“He has been here for the last three days. I am the only one allowed to enter.” Fearghus stood behind me.
“You do not seem surprised at my appearance. Why is that?”
“You are not the first to die in no-Fay’s-land. You shall know unrest until your body is returned.”
“Die! I am not dead. Father said I died on my birthday. My birthday is not for another seven days. There is no limbo here, only a dream.”
“So…dream waking is your true power. Why do you not return home if your quest is finished? Before you truly die and all hope is lost?”
“Because dream waking is not my true power. I was able to do it before I left home.”
It was all the detail Fearghus needed to know, but his voice still grew feral as he stepped near to my ear. “Then you must hurry and find your true power. This is more than just walking in dreams; it is a glimpse into your future. A sign from the Gods of what is to come. I wished for you to learn your heritage while you are gone, not die from it. I give you five days. If you have not evolved by then, you should return no matter what.”
For the first time that I knew of, fear edged his will. “You know I cannot. I will not return to be given to Aidan, nor will I stand by while his family lays claim to what is rightfully mine.”
“I never wished Aidan on you, only for you to take your place as all Fay must do. As your Father did before you, and his Father before him. Rule us, Princess. Rule all the Fay.”
He came around to me. The determination in his eyes shook mountains. Drama for my benefit or his?
“You speak as though more than my taking the throne is at stake.”
“It is. My future is also at stake. I am fading but cannot or will not rest until you sit safely on the throne with your chosen King.”
I had an answer for him. I needed to believe Fearghus was concerned more for our people than I had given him credit for. “I give you my word as Princess of Fay, I will return in five days' time, with or without my power. You must also give your word to help me out of a wedding to Aidan.”
His forehead furrowed and his eyes pierced into mine, but he finally nodded. “On your arrival, if Aidan is not for you, then another suitable husband shall be chosen.”
“I wish I could believe that, but you know as I do, the other Elders must also say so. You will need to convince them. Will you? Can you?”

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My name is Dee, I am a mother of 5 amazing children and grandmother of 4 beautiful babies.  I began my writing career in 2004 because of a dream about a dress.
My First Novel, La Roe’s was published in 2005 and nominated for the Golden Rose Awards the following year. It has been re-released and is available on Amazon and multiple platforms via Books2Read.

My Second Novel, Fay’s Wish was published in 2006 and re-released December 2019 and is available at Amazon and multiple platforms via Books2Read.
Both La Roe's and Fay's Wish would not have been re-released except for the amazing editing help from Cindy, Personalized Marketing Inc manager. 
My 3rd Novel Chocolate Seduction of the Cursed Seduction Series is currently being revised for future publication. 
I have also Ghost Written 2 additional books, and written hundreds of articles. 
I enjoy spending time with my children, being a grandmother, sitting down to a good book, and learning more about the career that has changed my life. I have been working online since 2005, beginning my journey as an Author, then a Reviewer, Freelance Publicist, and then found a love for websites, coding, most recently WordPress. While here be sure to check out some of the Videos made by me. Take a look at some the Links I have Collected. 
I am also the Owner and CEO of Personalized Marketing Inc.
If you are looking for Personalized Marketing Inc click here 

Education: University of Phoenix 
2017 – B.S.A.I.T. with Advanced Software Development Certification 
2020  – M.B.A. with a Concentration in Marketing Certificate


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It seems Stefan O’ Duff wants’ reconciliation and help to cure the curse they share. Emerald would rather see him dead than be with him again, she has someone else to consider though. Her new love, Maxwell Howard a werewolf, who through sharing blood with Emerald, now faces the same fate as Emerald and Stefan. For the cure to work, Emerald has to put her hatred of Stefan aside and consent to share his bed again.

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Miracles can happen, offering the promise of the return of the magic.
Once that happens, nothing is impossible.
Fay's Wish by Dee Carver
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