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Friday, March 20, 2020

Wicked Embrace by Olivia Boothe 💕 Book Blitz & eBook Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

I wanted one thing—to never fall in love again. But the universe had other plans. One look into Tom Wright’s olive-green eyes, and I free-fell crazy in love with the one man destined to break my heart. I know, because I’ve yet to learn my lesson. The past never dies, and mine is ready to rear its ugly head. Question is, will I be strong enough to survive the fallout?

She wasn’t supposed to happen. I’d vowed to never let anyone in, but with one curve of her lips, Sara Hart bulldozed through my heart. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, yet scared as hell of how much I love her. Despite my best intentions, I haven’t been one-hundred percent honest. My biggest torment still lurks within, threatening to unwind the strings holding us together. And if I lose her now, it might as well be the end of me.

Leaving her like that gutted me straight from my chest down through my stomach. It tore me up inside more than my own personal torment. But what else could I do? I needed to keep her safe, and that meant keeping her away from me. At least until I could clear my head and sort through the mangled disaster of that weekend.
And I didn't lie to her. Shayna had nothing to do with this decision. Even if that had been the case… Forget it. It wasn't. And that's that. What I couldn't deny was how much I had worried prior to taking the trip. How much I had feared seeing Shayna would spur up old feelings. When she'd shown up at my mother's house earlier today, a shudder ran the length of my body, but it didn't last long.
My soul didn't gravitate to her. My body did not remember how good she used to feel in my arms. My heart didn't hammer inside my chest with a desire to have her, kiss her, or make her mine again. No. What I felt for that woman was dead. Buried and turned to dust. What plagued me was my damn drinking problem and the hellish nightmare that almost ended with my fist through Sara's face. That right there, was why I was scared shitless. Why the mere thought of ever physically hurting Sara had me quivering like a scared dog, why it had me running away from her.


Former dance student Sara Hart had aspired to grace the stage on Broadway, but a reckless decision forced her to renounce that dream. Years later, while struggling with an ungratifying job and an even more unsatisfying love life, she literally stumbles upon a dangerously sexy stranger who sends her heart—and her body—into hyperdrive. His touch makes her feel alive again and sparks a desire to rebuild her dance career. But Sara is still haunted by the demons of her past. One dark lie could cost her everything.

Real estate mogul Tom Wright caters to the rich and famous. He lives the life of the perfect bachelor, partying hard and dating the most beautiful women in Manhattan. But he has one golden rule—no commitments. Ever. Then he meets sexy Sara Hart, and something about her makes him want to throw the damn rule book out the window. Every time she’s near, the blood in his veins pulses with a raging fire he can’t contain. But Tom’s shadowed history is resurfacing, unearthing ghosts he’d rather remain buried.

Will this wicked dance be their last?


From The Wild Rose Press, Olivia Boothe is the author of the seductive and emotional contemporary romance duet, Chronicles of a Dancing Heart: Wicked Dance (2017) & Wicked Embrace (2020).

Olivia enjoys crafting novels with deep, layered plots. Because it's not just about the first kiss and the happily ever after, it's about everything in between.

In addition to writing contemporary romance, Boothe also ventures in romantic suspense and adult fantasy.

When not locked away in her writing tower at the wee hours of the night, Olivia manages working a 9-5 job and wrangling a pack of alphas (a husband, three boys, and a doggo named Hunter). On occasion, she summons her tribe for a night of wine and shenanigans.


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I wanted one thing—to never fall in love again. But the universe had other plans.
Wicked Embrace by Olivia Boothe
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