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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Image Adjuster by Lily Alexander 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

In Hollywood, image is everything.

Being part of a power couple can mean the difference between your star rising or being iced out of roles. No one ever said the relationship had to be real.

Stephanie, an actress and the daughter of Hollywood royalty has made a thriving business out of posing as a girlfriend to celebrities who need a bit of a PR boost. Everything is scripted and when the contract ends everyone goes their separate way.

No feelings, no risk, just acting.

Devon is just another client – no matter how handsome he might be, how compatible they seem. The arrangement works perfectly. It’s all business. Definitely just business.

Unless it’s not.

On a laugh, Stephanie lifted her fork and closed her eyes to enjoy the first bite in all its perfection. It had been entirely too long since she had treated herself to the explosion of delicious perfection that was the French toast and vanilla bean sauce.
"Oh. My. God." She heard Devon rumble quietly, but with emphasis.
Eyes still closed, slightly annoyed that her first-bite-worship had been interrupted, she mumbled, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing, nothing at all." The booth creaked as he shifted around in his seat.
When she opened her eyes, he had a perfectly predatory grin on his face, eyes fixed on hers, his hands steepled under his chin.
"Seriously, what?" She demanded, a short nervous laugh escaping her lips. "You look like the cat that ate the canary."
He finally took his fork in hand and took a bite of his pancakes.
"It's nothing, really." He said, swinging the fork around for emphasis as he chewed. "It's just now I know exactly what your O face looks like."
Stephanie blinked at him, feeling the heat rise into her cheeks, and annoyingly into other, much lower places.
"Excuse me?"
"You know. The face you make when you-"
"Yes, I'm quite aware of what you're referring to." She blushed furiously, his flirty grin and playful eyes only making it worse.
Those reinforced Image Adjuster walls were crumbled into dust. The bubble popped into a splatter of soap.

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💕 Book 2 💕

Nora Chase is a good girl...

Or so she’d like you to believe. Her carefully cultivated image is under lock and key – the price to keep it that way has been steep.

Entertainment attorney Maxwell Caine is up to his ears in the Hollywood life. Looking to make big changes, he could never have predicted that the beautiful woman he knows through mutual friends might also become his client.

But their budding romance might be headed for the skids when her past resurfaces, threatening everything she’s worked so hard to hide.

Nothing ever stays a secret in Hollywood.

💕 To be released July 8, 2020 💕


Lily is a Colorado native enjoying the fantastic climate of Southern California with her family and cranky cat after surviving more than a decade in hot, humid places where hurricanes get their own season and Winter is a myth.

The written word is her favorite thing - reading or writing, she doesn’t discriminate. Left to her own devices she can read about a book a day; that HEA is a powerful drug!

As an only child she grew up inventing elaborate stories for her dolls to act out. She started word processing on a computer around age 10 and never looked back. After suffering the heartbreak of catastrophic drive failure a regrettable number of times, she has finally learned to back things up appropriately and often.

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In Hollywood, image is everything.
Image Adjuster by Lily Alexander
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