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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Love, Lies, and Bad Guys by Bill Blodgett πŸ’• Fun Facts, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Romantic Suspense)

When US Marshal Jay Stonewalker sees a possible terrorist comment in a chatroom frequented by anti-government radicals suggesting a nuclear threat to New York City, specifically the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, he can’t get it out of his mind. Against his boss’s orders he heads off to NYC to investigate on his own time. While there he follows a suspicious character into a secluded recess of the New York Subway system and foils what he believes is the terrorist event. In a shoot-out with his suspect he’s wounded and calls the NYC PD for backup. When he sees NYPD Detective KC Daviau and other uniformed officers slipping into the darkness from the subway platform he’s relieved, but to his surprise he’s met with resistance and disrespect by Detective Daviau. Against his objections, KC takes custody of the evidence and leaves the scene. When Jay asks an officer if she is always that way he’s told that, “Since her parents died, she’s been… let’s say… a little cold.” When they are assigned to work the case together, KC’s icy exterior soon begins to melt away as they begin to fall for each other, but KC has to hold back. She has a dark secret and knows he can’t ever know her truths because if he did he would hate her just as she hates herself for what she’s about to do.

Hi Lauren, Thank you for having me here today.

I’d like to share some Fun Facts/Behind the Scenes/Did You Know? Kind of stuff today.

A fun fact about my books is that I quote adult family members or the grandkids in the process of writing the dialogue and scenes. The quotes fit the scene, but the family knows who I’m talking about. It makes me smile while I write it and laugh when they call me out on it!! There’s a quote in this book that directly quotes my father-in-law when he’s angry that my family loves. In my novel, The Last Prejudice, I wrote a scene where the family was talking about little Bennie. In that discussion I included things my four grandchildren either said or did over the years. It was a lot of fun to write and is a shout out from me to them that will last forever.

Behind the scenes while researching, Love, Lies, and Bad Guys I had to do a lot of research about dirty bombs, nuclear radiation and the New York City subway system. For a while I was concerned that Homeland Security was going to raid my house because of the research I was using and probably key words that were built in to their internet surveillance programs!

In the did you know category, I was amazed that Native Americans were so adversely effected by the atomic bomb testing in Nevada from the 1940’s until the mid-1960’s. When the bombs were detonated the radiation rose into the sky. We’ve all seen those mushroom clouds in pictures or news clips. The radiation was then carried “downwind” and settled on many Native American reservations. That radiation caused the Native Americans to develop many types of cancer. These people who were made sick from the radiation exposure are called “Downwinders” for obvious reason. Medical and financial support is still being given to those Downwinders and their families by the United States government.

“I was surprised to see you had body art.”

“It isn’t body art. It is my belief. I guess that’s why I don’t show them. It’s personal. They are of my Goddess, Mother Earth and the symbol of our tribe, the mighty eagle. The Mother Earth Tree Goddess demonstrates the circle of life. Where all things on land, air and water are connected. They are all one. If one element is removed, the tree will wither and die. We believe that it is the same for people. We must be as one or we will all eventually suffer. The Eagle is our symbol for bravery, something that is essential to take on such a derΓͺp.” He saw her puzzled look and continued before she could speak. “DerΓͺp is our word for job or chore. The Eagle is dedicated to protecting our tribe, which is a very difficult job. I use his image to remind myself each day that my task is difficult and not to falter. If you were just another chick, maybe I’d say they were body art, but I want to share that part of me with you.”

“So…” she teased. “How many other chicks have admired your body art?”

He laughed lightly with maybe a hint of a gallows laugh, “Not as many as you might guess.”

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I still live in the community where I met and married my lovely wife, Janice. Actually, she lived around the corner from me and we both ignored each other until our teen years when the hormone thing kicked in and we suddenly realized that the cute little girl skipping rope and that goofy boy riding a bike had both grown up.
We are the proud parents of April and Lindsay; both of whom are now married. April married Darren and they have two beautiful boys, Brian and Owen. Lindsay married Tim and they have two beautiful children: Kailyn and Evan.
I enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping with my family, golfing, making candles, and restoring my antique European sports car, a 1972 MGB.
They say to write from what you know, so I do. I write of love, life and relationships. In addition to the romantic plot we all expect from a Romance novel all of my books deal with a real-world issue as a sub-plot that we all have had to deal in some manner in life, but not in a preachy way. I find that including this sort of theme helps me identify with my characters on a personal level. My hope is that the reader will also feel that connection with my characters.
I have four other published novels. Dead Or A Lie and Saint’s Sword are vampire Romances. Unrequited is a contemporary novel with romantic elements and received 4 stars from Romantic Times Book Review magazine. The Last Prejudice is a family saga that deals with the issues a family must address when a family member comes out.
I have been a member of the RWA and the Central New York Romance Writers since 2004 and have held various posts in my local group. By day I am a construction inspector for an engineering company.
Please visit my website: or email me at You can also find me on Facebook at @authorbillblodgett and Twitter @bill_blodgett


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