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Saturday, March 6, 2021

After All This Time by Erin Randall 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

He can’t remember a time he didn’t love her. It’s always been Mina.

But Finn’s spent the last decade looking for the right moment to tell her. “If she’s waiting at my locker between classes I’ll ask her out, if she smiles at me right now I’ll kiss her, if she calls me before I book the flights I’ll invite her to Cancun or Paris or London or Spain.”

Now he’s moving back to California just as she might be moving away. He’s done waiting for the perfect moment. He just needs to convince her to give him a chance and find a way to test the waters without ruining their friendship. Good thing Finn likes a challenge.

If you love hot businessmen, sexy s’mores, steamy showers and happy endings, download now. Explicit content: This book contains hot, steamy love scenes. You’ve been warned.

Finn followed her into the building and up the stairs. Once she had her apartment door open, she turned to him, mouth open to say something. She paused when

she saw he hadn’t come up onto the landing. 

“Didn’t you want to come in for a while?”

He smiled, but only because he knew she didn’t make that offer to most men. “First date.”

She bit her lower lip and nodded. 

“Come here, Mins,” he whispered.

She stepped forward and because he was one step lower, her mouth was at the perfect height for kissing. 

Wanting his hands on safe territory, he cupped her cheeks and leaned forward. Finn gently pressed his lips to hers once, then twice. 

The third time his mouth touched hers, she opened for him. He was helpless to do anything but dip inside to taste her. Between the flavor of Mina exploding on his 

tongue and the tiny whimper that escaped her throat, Finn’s tightly held control slipped from his grasp.

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Erin has always written romance with a little action ;)

One of her most honed skills is fantasizing so she decided to bring those fantasies to life and share them with you.

When she's not writing, she can usually be found reading, exploring California with her family, having random dance parties with her daughter, taking her geriatric dog to the vet (yet again), or procrastinating...I mean working on her laptop.


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