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Saturday, March 20, 2021

La Famiglia: Dante: Part Two by Laura Sutton 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Mafia Romance)

A crime boss. A meek accountant.

When she enters his world… will she be able to find her way out?

Will she even want to?

Cassie Lockhart is alone in the world, save for her beautiful and troubled sister, Amber. When Amber gets in over her head in the world of organized crime, Cassie dives headfirst into the darkness to save her.

Dante diRuggiero rules his world by taking what he wants, uncaring who he may hurt in the process. He can’t help but be intrigued by the shy, plain woman who comes to his club, pleading for the sake of someone else. He sees beneath her mousy exterior and finds a woman so loyal she would sacrifice herself for those she loves. It’s that loyalty that draws him in at first, and then her passion makes him burn.

When Amber’s poor choices force Cassie to choose between her sister and Dante, will she choose the person she has tried to protect all her life, or the man that would never betray her? Can Dante keep her safe from the war brewing in his dark world?

Dante is book two in the steamy diRuggiero Mafia Family Saga.

Dante shook his head and climbed into the passenger seat. By the time he pulled onto the freeway, she was leaning back in her seat, eyes closed, dozing. She looked like a porcelain doll, all pretty and fragile and pale: one wrong move, and she would shatter into a million pieces.

He would have her. She was lovely, and loyal, and so, so decent. So good. He would corrupt that goodness, he knew, but he didn’t feel regret or sorrow. It would make her better, to be a little more like him: stronger, more practical and less sentimental, more aware of her worth, more protective of her time and resources. She wouldn’t waste her energies, anymore, on lost causes like her beat-up car and her troubled sister. 

She would be his, and together, they would have something extraordinary.

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When darkness is all you know, how can you trust in love?

Elias Di Ruggiero grew up in privilege, where family was everything, until the day a rival cartel ripped their world apart, leaving his mother dead and his father in prison. Elias learned that day that the cost of his birthright was too much. So he left, walked away, leaving the wealth and the danger behind... or so he thought.

On vacation celebrating her graduation from law school, Samantha quite literally stumbles into the arms of the mysterious Eli. He’s sexy and compelling, everything a woman could want… everything she wants.

Their passion erupts under the tropical sun, but Eli’s past can’t be escaped, no matter how far he runs.

Is leaving Samantha the only way Eli can protect her from his powerful and dangerous family, or is their love worth facing the darkness head-on? Can her light save his soul?

Elias is the first book in the Di Ruggiero Mafia Family Saga, a steamy mafia romance where a HEA is a guarantee!


Is love enough to overcome the past?

Matteo di Ruggerio met the love of his life when he was only eight years old. She was his first everything… including the first and only woman to break his heart, when she dumped him and moved across the country when they turned eighteen.

Now, six years later, she’s back, and Matty is being forced married to marry her… for the good of la famiglia, his brother Dante says. It’s fine, because Matty doesn’t believe in love anymore. They can be married– and even enjoy all the fun that a marriage offers in bed– for a few years and part again. He can protect his heart, but can he protect Emily from the unknown danger that is coming for his family?

When Emily Culpepper left Matty on that fateful day all those years ago, she thought she would never have to see him again. She had planned her life around it, in fact. But one broken engagement, and her father neck-deep in debt to Dallas’ primary criminal family, changed those plans.

Now Emily must marry him, the only man she ever truly loved, but she’s keeping a secret she feels nothing but shame for. Can she protect her heart and her secrets from Matty’s wicked smiles and the touches that set her body and soul aflame?

And when outside dangers become too much, can Emily and Matty learn to trust each other again?

Matteo is the third book in the scorching hot di Ruggerio Mafia Family Saga.


I write steamy romances and the compelling, hot, sexy, heroes that dominate those pages and the heroines that fall in love with them.

My day-to-day is full of time at the beach, playing fetch with my dogs in my backyard, and often thinking up new ideas and worlds that help bring my books to life. I'm a small town Texas girl who likes to dream big and put those big dreams down on the page!


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  1. This sounds interesting and nice cover! ;)

  2. I am looking forward to reading Laura Sutton's The diRuggiero Mafia Family Saga.


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