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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Shadows of Atlantis Series by Mara Powers 💕 Guest Post, Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Fantasy Romance)

Prepare to be seduced by the dark legacy of Atlantis.

Check out the runaway classic that's taking the world by storm! A mystical masterpiece filled with romance, passion, darkness and deceit. If you are an acolyte of the magical teachings, this is a MUST READ.

Critically acclaimed series Shadows of Atlantis is a rising star in the world of fantasy romance.

"A masterwork!"
"Pure genius."
"This book is a work of art!"

Brigitte is an emissary of nature chosen to renew the treaty between Atlantis and the ancient bloodline of Lemuria. Her sacred betrothal would renew the elemental function of the Crystal Grid that powers the ten kingdoms of Atlantis. But her people are attacked by a storm of shadows, and now she is running for her life.

Upon her arrival in the ruling city, she meets D’Vinid, a dejected musician who lives the quintessential Atlantean lifestyle of revelry, escapism and apathy. Under the eclipse of a holy festival, they are swept into an attraction they cannot resist. Their union may protect humanity from its worst enemy - the shadows of Atlantis. But there is one problem, this man is not her betrothed.

Brigitte discovers the Grid is corrupted by psychic parasites that feed off human suffering, an epidemic called “the madness”. The rituals required to charge the Grid with psychic emanations have been poorly attended, and this has caused the Grid to malfunction. But as nature always strives toward balance, the crystals have activated a genetic upgrade among the people. The youth have begun to express supernatural powers. Could it be that D’Vinid and Brigitte are meant to be leaders among the awakened? And if so, why is it impossible for them to be together?

A mysterious tale of romance, seduction and betrayal that reaches just enough into the modern mind to ask - will we learn the lessons of Atlantis?

"Had me turning the pages obsessively from the very beginning." -Readers Favorite 5-Star Review.

"I have a real interest in mythology after studying it in college. I had high hopes for the first in Mara Powers's fantasy saga and I was not disappointed." Bookish Picks 5-Star Review

"Mysterious, alluring and so engaging, it draws you in from the very first chapter and takes you on a fast-paced journey of discovery and danger, right up to its unpredictable conclusion." Kickass Reads 5-Star Review

"Mara does a beautiful job of tying fact and fiction together in such a way as to convince the reader she has solved the mystery of Atlantis.” Amazon Review

"Fantasy, mythology, philosophy, romance, tragedy, humor, horror, adventure, thrill... this book lacks nothing.” -Goodreads Review

"The sublime beauty and mystery make this book so incredibly engrossing that the reader will be captivated and impressed by the author's intuitive and solid understanding of ancient Atlantis." Amazon Review


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The spellbinding saga of Atlantis continues in Mara Powers' 2nd book.

The memory of Brigitte’s upbringing in the Dreamclans slowly fades away as she succumbs to the lavish lifestyle of her new home. Caught in the grip of The Madness epidemic, she descends into an elixir-fueled haze. It’s the only way to silence the judgmental voices in her head. Outside the gilded walls, a looming storm encircles the city, trapping its inhabitants as they remain blind to the treachery within.

Meanwhile, D’Vinid is reluctantly caught up in the unstoppable currents of fate. A harrowing encounter with the murderous Shadowmancers launches him on a perilous journey, while Symbiosis with his new soul-crystal reveals clues to the corruption of the Crystal Grid. All paths lead back into the forbidden arms of Brigitte. Is their union a beacon of hope? Or will it unleash the Shadows of Atlantis?

In this eagerly anticipated sequel to Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening, Symbiosis follows the horrifying psychological descent of a falling civilization. Utopia is dying - but how can they stop what they can’t even see?


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When I discovered Atlantis, I was 16, and hungry for answers. I wanted to find a way out of the “Plato’s Cave” of life in America. I remember the feeling I had when I read about Atlantis, as if a spark went off in my brain that ignited an unquenchable fire in my soul. It made sense that nature could utterly decimate any amount of human advancement, leaving behind nothing but a myth. It launched me on a 30-year inquiry that led me on a quest through endless research while wandering the earth like Kane in Kung Fu. My journeys led me over land, air, and sea all in search of Atlantis whether I knew it or not. Even if Atlantis was the furthest thing from my mind, it would somehow find me.


It was at Burning Man, that infamous festival in the desert where I had “the awakening.” I was in search of the ultimate pirate Utopia and felt as though I had been spinning my tires in fun and revelry, much like how you find my character D’Vinid at the beginning of the book. I couldn’t participate in the world unless I had something to contribute. But what? All I had was my Atlantis research. And music. And writing. I didn’t want to host the pointless party anymore, so I stepped away from my life as an event producer in Los Angeles and turned my quest inward.


I deconstructed myself, even cut my hair off, and moved to New York in the dead of winter. I spent a lot of years trying to cope with my need to wander, while forcing myself into the role of author, rooted, and patient. These things are against my nature. I always say that to become a better person, you must first challenge your nature, and learn to do something you are not good at. 

Being an author is a solitary path. Any author will attest to the phobia that develops after being locked in the expansive world of one’s own imagination. When the time comes to share with the world, it can be pretty scary. It got to where I grew into being an author, and the more that happened, the more I sank into the role. To top that all off, when you go the route of the indie author, finishing the book is only the beginning of the journey, and the invisible route up the giant mountain is harder to find. But I am stubborn, and I don’t give up. Whether it be for better or worse, I have been committed to bringing this story into the world.

There are two ways to approach the study of Atlantis, one is through secular subjects which are often considered “alternative.” The other is through the dazzling world of the esoteric. I find the latter reads like a science fiction novel. In choosing fiction, I could use these fantastic stories, and I didn’t need to back them up with hard facts. I just had to read and be inspired. To that end, I could also weave in my wider research on metaphysics, sociology and philosophy, as well as story-craft, a sprinkling of Jungian Psychology, and Joseph Campbell’s heroes' journey.

There are many aspects of my life experience woven into my pages. Struggles with addiction, abusers and sexual assault serve as a lesson for those who may have the same problems. The madness is based on the time I spent living in downtown Los Angeles near skid row watching the homeless epidemic happen around me. It is also a vehicle to demonstrate my theories about evil being an actual disease based on separation from unity consciousness. Hover Tricksters are my ode to the time I lived in Venice Beach where the skateboarders have achieved a level of fame. The conclaves are based on my time in the rave world and the festival circuit. The royal courts are based on the Renaissance reenactment world, otherwise known as SCA.

 Writing these books has been a grand adventure, and so has publishing them. I hope to share that adventure with you!   

from Awakening

Leaving the Dreamvale would mean Brigitte would gradually forget growing up on the rocky shores of the mystical islands. She stood in her favorite place high above the dreamclan village watching the ocean dance with the cliffs. It would be her last chance to behold the glory of sunset before boarding the galleon bobbing in the cove below. 

Evenings were always a masterpiece of color, the best time to behold the splendor of nature’s art. Clouds of rainbow prisms had the look of creatures billowing in the sky. But in the distance, a wall of storm opened like the jaws of a predator, drifting ever closer to the peaceful, green island. 

“Brigitte.” A male voice echoed through her contemplation. She felt a pang of disappointment. Leaving would mean the beginning of a journey she had feared all her life. With one last lingering view of the panorama, she held her breath, reached out her arms and leapt from the cliff. As a mass of dancing particles, she bounced down the ragged rocks toward the village, one with the wind. Taking her time would be rude, so she kept moving until she filled the inside of her room. 

Her brother Lukias was a dreamseer, finely tuned to the invisible. As usual, his hair was a shock of chaos that pointed in every direction. The amber of his eyes sparkled with gold flecks as he stood over her body with arms crossed. He looked right at her dream form. “The council has called us,” he said with a hint of impatience. 

Brigitte sank back into her body and opened her eyes. 

“I warned you not to dreamwalk too much.” He turned his back as she reached for her travel clothes. “You could separate from your body and forget how to return. Especially here in the Dreamvale.” 

“It hardly matters anymore.” She watched the sun’s rays shoot dusty light through holes in the walls. She thought about the pattern it made every day at this time, the royal symbol of Atlantis. “In Atlantis we will be bound to our bodies.” 

Lukias reached out a caring hand and patted her shoulder. “There will be ways to dreamwalk in the realms of matter. It will just be more… challenging.” 

She smirked, knowing he always loved a challenge. He could always find humor even in the grimmest of circumstances. They exchanged a few moments of unfolding memories until, with the final boot in place, she stamped her feet and started for the door. “You coming?” 

Together they walked to the center of the village where the council was gathered in a semi-circle facing a woman. She wore the leather of seafarers, her face shaded by a wide-brimmed hat. With one hip thrust to the side, her demeanor was unruffled with a twist of amusement. 

Their father Denikon raised his booming voice for all to hear. “Captain Ofira Pazit of the Dreamship Vex Voyager, I give you my daughter Brigitte, emissary to Atlantis. She is the first true Moirae born into our dreamclan for seven generations.” 

The captain wrinkled her chin. “Impressive. Embodied Watchers are rare, even among dreamclans.” Her chameleon eyes shifted in the fading light. “If you are ready, I think it wise that we set sail before that shadow storm arrives, don’t you?” Her eyes slid toward the horizon. “This storm has struck more than one dreamclan. All of them were to send emissaries for the renewal of the Telluric Treaty. None of them have been heard from.” She turned back to the council. “Are you certain you want to risk staying? It would be a tight fit, but we can evacuate the rest of you.” 

Brigitte glanced at the grim face of her tutor Indrius. The mysterious Atlantean woman had always been a curiosity to the clan. Though she had spent many years among them, she was never one of them. She was riddled with tragedy from a past she never spoke of, a past born in Atlantis. 

Denikon answered, “Those who remain have chosen to face the shadows.” His voice was steadfast though regret lingered in his eyes. He exchanged a nod with Indrius. “I am sending Lukias, my son and heir, to accompany his sister. If we fall, he will be the future of our clan. But trust me, we will not go down without a fight.” 

The council had argued for many moon cycles, trying to decide the fate of their people. It was important for Brigitte to escape. Her path was evident. The first ships had already departed, taking women and children to places of refuge. The rest stayed, devising a strategy. Though they were hopeful, they worked with the solemnity of people who faced their demise. 

She squinted at Lukias as he and Indrius said their goodbyes. Theirs was always a close relationship. But everyone liked Lukias. Her time spent with Indrius was always strained at best. She offered him a gift. The sun flashed off a crystal dangling from a silver chain. Brigitte could feel the telluric consciousness radiating from the multi-faceted quartz. It pulsed with a longing that made her fidget. 

After a whispered message to Lukias, the white-haired woman turned to look at Brigitte. Her green eyes were gray with emotion. She brushed Brigitte’s cheek with her fingertips. “You know your task,” she began. “Remember your Watcher powers. It has become exceedingly difficult to travel between realms on this planet. I fear this shadow storm will make it even more difficult. Atlantis is suffering from a disease. It will try and take you, too. Do not be attached to your human wishes and emotions. For humans, attachment can turn to weakness and suffering. This only serves to feed the shadows. Your path will not be easy.” 

“I will do what it takes to find a cause and a cure for Atlantis. I will be mindful of your warnings.” 

“Therein lies the trick. As you descend deeper into the Meridian Realm, you will forget my warnings. Take steps to hold them in your heart.” She lingered in Brigitte’s eyes for a few awkward moments. “I have prepared you as best I could, my child. I regret how I’ve treated you.” She faced Brigitte and held her shoulders. “Know that I loved you like my own daughter. My treatment toward you was an attempt to prepare you for the task you face. Atlantis will not be kind to you.” 

“I understand, Indrius. You had no choice.” Brigitte wanted to cry. But her tears had long since dried up. 

Mara Powers is a rebel of the written word who has tackled the monumental task of recreating Atlantis. When she was 16 in Fort Collins, Colorado, she began visiting the library in search of things she couldn't learn in school. Her goal was to re-define her religion. She studied theology voraciously until she discovered the concept of reincarnation though Hinduism. It was the answer to a lifelong existential crisis that had plagued her for many sleepless nights. The study of reincarnation led her to the channel Edgar Cayce. In his many books, she found his past life readings of lifetimes spent in Atlantis. This was the beginning of a lifelong quest to unravel the secrets of this mystery. She has spent upwards of 30 years exploring the labyrinth of ancient civilizations. Her decision to turn it all into a high concept, visionary fantasy series stems from her study of the esoteric depiction of Atlantis. With the other half of her research rooted in the secular, it was the best way to illustrate both aspects of this fascinating legend. Her work is the legacy of the legend.


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