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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Love on the Run by Suzanne Rylee Ridolfi 💕 Book Blitz and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕(Sweet Romantic Comedy)

After all, they’re the last couple in the world who would ever fall in love.

Lily Hart is the semi-famous host of Love Lily, a podcast dedicated to love and relationships. Her bubbly enthusiasm for all things romance has caught the eye of a few swanky sponsors who offer her the chance to host a Valentine’s Day mega event. Unfortunately, Lily’s own happily-ever-after has hit a rocky patch. She’s not sure if Henry, her longtime boyfriend, is even the one. When they decide to discuss things over dinner, Lily’s left questioning everything she knows about love. She panics and calls for a getaway car.

Blaze Steel thinks the notion of love is a mythical fable made up to ruin his life. Instead of relationships he pours his energy into the opening of his new bar the Steel Taproom. Until it’s up and running, however, Blaze is forced to continue his duties as an Uber driver. When a frantic Lily jumps into the backseat of his car, Blaze doesn’t know what hit him. All he knows is he hopes he never has to lay eyes on this woman again.

Fate has different plans for them, as their paths continue to cross. When Lily realizes she can’t show up to her own event dateless, Blaze reluctantly agrees. No feelings, just a plus one. How hard could it be? After all, they’re the last couple in the world who would ever fall in love.

*For fans of sweet romance, Debbie Macomber books, and all things Hallmark. There is no steam, sweet short read.

“It’s your counseling session, not mine. The dollars are adding up. Just let me know when you are ready to put me out of my misery and drop you off.”

“Well, that wasn’t very nice. I’m paying you handsomely so the least you could do is be nice.”

“I don’t do nice,” he says, gruffly.

I scrunch up my nose in an attempt to create an angry face at the grumpy driver. I inch my body forward to try to get a better look. It’s the first time I’ve actually looked at the man that I’ve spent the last few hours divulging my deepest insecurities to. The first thing I notice is the sandy colored hipster man-bun that sits on the back of his head. His chiseled jaw appears clenched. He does have a remarkable profile, with a nose sculpted to perfection. The five o’clock shadow hides just enough for intrigue. Beneath his thermal I see the shape of remarkably muscular biceps. The right sleeve is pushed up a bit, revealing tattoos covering his forearm. He is everything Henry is not. He can’t possibly digest the raw emotions of the situation. The front wheels hit an ice patch and the rear end swerves to the left. My body slams into the back of his seat. His muscular arms tug tight on the wheel to regain traction. In all my sobbing, I hadn’t paid much attention to the state of the roads or the crushing snowstorm barreling down on us.

My heart rises to my throat. It's the first time that I have proof I still have a heart after my inexcusable actions. “I, I guess we could do a drive by first,” my voice struggles to eek out.

“Is that Kelly Drive?” 

“Yes, that’s the address.”

And what does ``drive by`` mean?” His eyes remain on the road. The car catches a slick slice of pavement, and we veer toward the curb.

The wheels struggle to gain traction on the icy pavement as my street comes into view.  A wave of panic twists my stomach into a corset. “A drive by, I’m sure you did them a thousand times to see if a girl was home or had company etc. you know everyone does them.”

His blue eyes stretch under his raised eyebrows.

I continue, “I’ll lay down on the seat. You check if it’s safe to return.”

“What the hell does safe look like?” he barks.

“Tell me if Lola is in the window. If someone is home, she’s never in the window.”

“Who the hell is Lola?”

“She’s a white Shih tzu.” He shakes his head. I drop my body onto the seat. He pulls to a stop and the car continues to slide. “You can come up now. Your watch dog is still on duty. That will be $403.59.”

I’m propelled to an upright position. “You can’t be serious?”

“Dead serious. You hijacked my entire night. And I charge double in bad weather.”

Tears well up from deep inside, even though I was sure there were none left. “I, I’m sorry, you’re right. I messed up this whole night.” My fingers ruffle through my purse scrambling for money. I find a five in the zip front of the interior. A ten-dollar bill in my wallet and two crumpled dollar bills under my glass case.

“Oh, for God’s sake, just get out,” he barks.

“Take this. It’s all I have right now. If you come back tomorrow, I promise I’ll pay you the rest.”

“Lady, you couldn’t pay me enough to come back tomorrow.”

“Thank you, what did you say your name is?”

“I didn’t.”

I open the door and step out; ice engulfs my heel. One foot begins to slide to the left and the other heads right. Clinging mercilessly to the door handle, I struggle to get traction. My legs begin to delve into a straddle. He appears over me. He’s much taller than I expected. With one hand he scoops me up and props me onto my feet, then slams the door and heads to his side of the car.

My eyes meet his, I smile at his chivalry. With a half-crooked smile I say, “The weather is horrendous. Text me to let me know you got home okay.”

“Not gonna happen,” he says before jumping in the car, slamming his door, and driving away.

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Rylee is a hopeless romantic. She loves a cozy fireplace, a furry blanket and a romantic book. She strives to bring lovable characters to life.This has resulted in the creation of some of the most awkwardly charming heroines that are guaranteed to steal your heart. She's a believer in happily ever after and is mildly addicted to fabulous shoes. She loves writing about her favorite things- Christmas, fashion, family, and the ability to go for your dream, no matter how grand. When not writing you can find her spending time with her husband and three children at their home in New Jersey.


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  1. No more love on the run, Billy Ocean said, but I guess he was wrong. Maybe next year they can have their Valentine event at the Steel Taproom! Well, here's hoping.


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