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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Tomorrow Belongs To Us by Lily Zante 💕 Book Tour and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕(Age Gap Contemporary Romance)

A young woman's life is disrupted when a decade later she crosses paths with the caring high-school teacher she fell in love with as a student.

Lance Turner was there for Megan when she needed him, but his sudden departure left her devastated.

All she wants now is closure, but all he wants is a second chance.

“What are you doing?” His voice is husky. 
“I can't help it.” I slide a finger through the gap between his buttons and hear him suck in a breath. His stomach is rock hard. “Megan.” His voice sounds weak. 
“You've been such an attentive boyfriend.” I stroke his warm skin expecting him to respond. I've come to read him well. He pretends not to care, to act as if he doesn’t want me, as if I don’t matter to him, but one touch, one stroke can undo all his hard-fought composure. He presses his lips together and looks away. 
He wants me, but he’s trying his hardest to hide it. He slowly brings his face towards me again. “You asked me to make them believe. Do you think they believe?”
I tilt my face upwards. “They believe it.” 
I believe it. Staring up at his face I see the silver orb of the moon high in the night sky. It seems like an ending, or a new beginning. 
I know what I want, and I want him. 
“But it's only fake, right?” He moves my hand away from his stomach. His eyes glitter under the moonlight. They’re dark, not blue, in the hazy night. 
I swallow. “It doesn’t have to be.” He is free now. We can fall into this thing headfirst. I'm partway there, back in the thick of all that angst and emotion my teenage hormones riddled me with. 
But now? What now at this age and at this time in our lives? 
An electric charge fizzes between us. It’s so strong that I can feel it even out here in the dark night, out in the open. The voltage sparking between our bodies.
I wish he'd kiss me. I wish he'd make a move. 
I wish he'd forget what I said to him about not wanting a second chance. 
“We should get back,” he says, quickly taking hold of my hand and leading me back the way we came.


Lily Zante writes emotional contemporary romances that give you all the feels.

Readers say that her books keep you up all night and make you fall in love with characters who you will come to regard as friends.

She has one daughter, two sons and a parrot. Her better half prefers not to be mentioned at all. ​

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  1. Without reading the book, I can't tell if the plot line is really a good idea, since there have been so many recent revelations about inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. The idea of a second chance is fine, but the timing of the first interactions is a little iffy.

  2. Sounds great! I like the cover and excerpt.

  3. The book sounds interesting. Love the cover.


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