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Monday, October 16, 2023

The Highland Heir by Allison B. Hanson 💕 Book Blast and $25 Gift Cazrd rize Pack Giveaway 💕 (Historical Romance)

Kieran has spent his life living in the shadow of his late older brother. Brody had been the heir his father had loved and wanted, while Kieran was born to a woman his father despised for her betrayal. Kieran has only ever felt the bond of family with his best friend, Ella.

Ella knew one day Kieran would be called on to do his duty to his clan and marry for an alliance. But she never expected his engagement would suddenly force her to see him in such a different way. They’d known each other all their lives, but aside from one exploratory kiss, she had never been attracted to him as a woman is to a man. Until now.

As the time comes for Kieran to marry, he realizes he has feelings he shouldn’t have for the lass who’s been by his side all his life.

When the marriage contract is breached, Kieran hopes it means freedom for them to be together, but instead, it leads to war and a secret that will change their lives forever.

But now, he was expected to sit at the high table and take part in clan business.

Not that he had any idea what kind of business had brought the MacKenzie laird to their lands. His father told him little. 

“How is your family?” Rolfe asked, making it sound as if he cared.

“Well, thank ye.” Neil glanced at Kieran and gave a nod. “Your son looks hearty.” 

Hearty? Was that the word used to describe a man who stood at least four inches over his father’s tall frame and was wider in the shoulder than the laird as well? Kieran might have sniffed in offense except he knew how much the sound bothered his father, and he didn’t want to be scolded like a lad in front of the MacKenzie. 

“Aye. He will make a fine husband to your Isla. Shall we sign the contract and then celebrate with a dram?” Rolfe suggested. 

Perhaps Kieran wasn’t as hearty as he’d thought, for he felt the world had just tilted as the words echoed about in his mind. Kieran would make a fine husband? A husband to this man’s daughter? 

“Marriage?” The word escaped Kieran’s dry throat. 

Rolfe lifted a brow and frowned at Kieran. 

“Why do you look so surprised?” his father asked. 

Kieran might have answered if he thought he could get the words out. The truth was he looked surprised because he was, in fact, quite surprised. Why did his father act as if it were something they’d just discussed earlier in the day?

It surely wasn’t as if Kieran would have forgotten such a thing as being shackled to a wife he didn’t know. 

“You’ve known for as long as you can recall that, as my heir, you would one day be joined in an advantageous marriage when an alliance was required.” 

Yes. One day. He didn’t realize it would be so soon and with a complete stranger.


One very early morning, Allison B. Hanson woke up with a conversation going on in her head. It wasn’t so much a dream as being forced awake by her imagination. Unable to go back to sleep, she gave in, went to the computer, and began writing. Years later it still hasn’t stopped.

Allison’s historical romances are filled with kilted heroes. She lives near Hershey, Pennsylvania, and enjoys candy immensely, as well as long motorcycle rides, running and reading.


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