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Monday, July 8, 2024

The Last Leviathan by Anacostia Miller 💕 Book Tour and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Romantasy)

No one is going to save me, so I’m going to do it myself.

Maeve Cross never felt like a princess. She didn’t belong in a high tower, married off to the highest bidder. She ached for freedom. A longing for the sea that she didn’t understand. After being pushed over the edge, she runs, taking her destiny in her own hands for the first time in her life.

She stows away on a pirate ship because she would rather walk the plank than share her awful husband’s bed.

Captain Leviathan has three goals in life: keep his crew alive, fill their pockets, and protect them from the Cross family of tyrants. He never accounted for Maeve. Not once.

They can’t help themselves by the bonds of fate that tie them together. Not even as they deny each other their attraction.

After all, a tyrant’s daughter and a scorned captain couldn’t possibly work. Could it?

But fate has other plans as the mysteries surrounding Farlight Isles start to unravel like a loose thread. Every new thread leaves Maeve questioning everything her father taught her as it challenges her own identity.

Despite it all, Maeve saw that the only constant… was Captain Leviathan.

“Who are you?” the captain asked, his eyes not once leaving mine. It was as if he was searching for lies. Searching for answers in my face. I felt trapped under his gaze, fighting the urge to fold just to escape it.

A flare of danger and excitement whorled in my belly.

Good Gods, those eyes were intense.

Unfortunately, I was a horrible liar, and I knew that the moment I lied about something, he’d know. But I can lie a little. I could, right?

My name is Princess Maeve Evelyn Cross. “Mae.”

“Just Mae?” he arched a thick, dark brow.

“Does the rest matter?” I retorted.

He narrowed his eyes, leaning down even closer but still not close enough to touch me. His proximity began to annoy me. “Out of all the ships in the harbor, why did you choose The Ollipheist to stowaway on?”


“Why did you flee your wedding? Did he not do it for you?” That condescending tone. I hated it.

I breathed hard from my nose, annoyance coloring my features. “Look at my throat. You look smart enough to figure the rest out.”

His eyes didn’t leave my face. Perhaps he’d already noticed the bruises. “Tell me your husband’s name.”

Well, damn it, I couldn’t do that. Lord Pike was a very public figure. As soon as I said his name, they would instantly know who I was. Especially with all the royal wedding decorations littered around the port.

Think, Mae. Think!

My eyes darted around the deck before landing on the hilt of a cutlass. “Cutl…er….” I searched for something else. “Cutler Helms…worth.”

I didn’t think I could’ve come up with a worse lie if I tried.

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Anacostia Miller is a novelist and screenwriter with a background in filmmaking and prop creation. After ten years of writing and two years of ghostwriting, she found her niche in romantasy. She loves exploring different themes like found family and showcasing inclusivity.

World-building and developing intricate histories in her novels are some of her favorite things to do. She also grew up on classics like The Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which have inspired her writing. Developing complicated lore and having moments of happiness are vital to the stories. Also, humor plays a big part. As dark as things will get, readers can always hold out for that moment of happiness to make it worth it.

During her days, you can find her trying out a new recipe to figure out how to describe it in her writing, daydreaming, or annoying her husband by telling him exactly how the lighting conveys emotion in every movie they watch together.


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