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Saturday, December 2, 2023

💕 Silver Dagger Book Tours Spotlight and Book Tour Giveaway💕

Silver Dagger Book Tours was founded in September 2016 from the creative mind of a book blogger wanting to share her passion for books with new readers.
Maia used to be just an internet crawler looking for new books and giveaways and stumbled upon book tours. After indulging in many dozens of tours, she decided try her hand at blogging in her spare time (with absolutely no blogging experience at all!) to help share the amazing books she was being exposed to. She was a book blogger for several companies and stuck with it for over 3 years. In that time, she learned all the ropes and became a pretty efficient blogger, but there was still something missing- she wanted to make her posts stand out a bit! So, she started creating small special graphics like “about the book” and the other standard graphics that you see in all her tours nowadays and started jazzing her posts up.

It took several months of trying to get the ball rolling and was quite difficult at first to get authors to tour with her. Thus, she had an idea to let everybody pay what they can comfortably afford instead of set rates as she thought what some other companies charged were just outrageous! Authors were so pleased with the idea that their tours would always be completely affordable to every budget, that the same module was in place for over 5 years and worked magnificently! 
Unfortunately, COVID hit and everything in the world went into the blender. Too many authors were not paying at all, or took over a year to pay up, or even others paid less than a cup of coffee for a month's work of time. Maia puts in 90+ hours of work a week and literally never takes a day off (she works holidays and was even back to work in the hospital hours after delivering 3 of her kids!) and the majority of times does all her work with 4 kids running rampant and interrupting every 5 minutes (#MomLife), so putting in all of those hours for literally nothing was not paying bills or feeding the kids. Thus, sadly she was forced to implement set rates as there were just too many authors taking advantage of her honor system. Which, it seems not too many authors mind the rates at all! :)

Silver Dagger Tours has done over 4000 tours and worked with hundreds of amazing authors – many who come back for repeat tours! Tours kick off almost every weekday with occasional tours on the weekends and EVERY tour is required to have a giveaway so readers can gain a little something and have fun while they enjoy learning about new books.

As readers loves books in all genres, Silver Dagger Book Tours accepts all fictional genres and the occasional non-fiction book if it is interesting enough. She works with publishers big and small, indie authors, hybrids, personal assistants and of course authors directly that just want to get a promo boost for their books.

If you are an author interested in booking a tour with Silver Dagger Book Tours, you can see a general FAQ page and booking HERE!

If you are a blogger interested in joining some of the tours, you can see the current sign ups HERE!


I (Romance Novel Giveaways) have worked with Silver Dagger Book Tours since its beginning in 2016.

This is a tour company that I trust and, should I ever publish my own book, I would absolutely hire Maia to promote my work.

Maia, the owner/operator, takes great pride in what she does and wants every tour to be a success.
She is professional, quick to respond, extremely personable and has made the extremely short list of blog tour companies I would personally recommend.

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