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Monday, January 8, 2024

💕 Winter 2023-2024 Seasons of Books Giveaway Hop Stop featuring JK Joy 💕

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Hi, my name is Jody, I am a coffee-addicted retired library assistant, a Frenchie mom, and a grandmother of oh my goodness I lost count, lol! Okay, the last time I counted there were eighteen, and three great-grandchildren. I know, right? Okay, enough about how old I am getting 😂 On to what I enjoy doing with my time.

I love anything and everything to do with books, my dream home would be to live in a library or bookstore. I love hosting blog tours and giveaways for my readers. I like the idea of introducing new authors to my readers, and from what I hear they like finding new authors to add to their TBR list as well. I have also started trying my hand at writing, I know a little late in life right? Right now, I am writing creative short stories as a hobby, but someday before I go to the other side, I would like to see a few published. If I am going to dream, why not dream BIG? Read the very first short story I have written here.

Okay, the real-life short story about my blogging. I used to own a website called ‘The Work at Home Mom Site’, which I used to build and sell cookie-cutter websites with a partner, this was in the 90s. I was working on websites while using dial-up, (AOL) lol! I sold that website many years ago. I have been book blogging full time now since 2008, and at the time I started it was mainly just book reviews and it was called ‘Jody’s Book Reviews’. Then in 2010, I started adding some blog tours to the mix. Changed the name of my blog in 2019 to ‘I’m Into Books’.


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