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Friday, April 26, 2024

Fire of the Gods by Miriam Newman 💕 Book Tour and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕(Historical Fantasy Romance)

The Hand of the Gods has held all those who survived the Battle of Grandfather Mountain. Now, another has been born under the Fire of the Gods. 

The Hand of the Gods has held all those who survived the Battle of Grandfather Mountain, and now another has been born under the Fire of the Gods. Is it a sign of favor or does it mark him for death?

Sange, sister of Arak clan chieftain Javrik, has followed her husband, Arman, to his native land. But her people half a world away are occupied by forces of the mighty Empirate of Omana, and now she is in Alcinia, an ally of Omana. The Emperator’s sisters hold powerful positions there and, belatedly, she realizes that she and her infant son are hostages. 

Sange thought it was the best night’s sleep she had known in years, and the best breakfast, flavored with wood smoke, cooked over a fire...eaten in company with robust men and with children playing freely, with no fear of them falling into a harbor or being run over on a dock. Even her hair smelled of wild grasses as she combed it out over her knees, then twining it in the braid Alcini women had disliked. She needed only one thing to complete her happiness, rooting among their possessions until she found it and took it outside. 

“Pretty, Mam,” Mayvis said, fingering the silky material. “Yes,” Sange said. “This was mine long ago.”
She wondered if her fingers still knew how to tie on her headscarf. While Mayvis watched curiously, she put it to the test, pulling the ends nimbly so that the scarf formed a cradle for her head with a knot on one side and both ends trailing in the wind. 

“Do you like it?” she asked Mayvis.
The little girl nodded enthusiastically.
“You will wear one of these when you are older,” Sange explained. “When you have a husband.” 

“What’s a husband?” 

Sange smiled across the campfire at Arman, who was just studying her silently. 

“A man you love with all your heart.” 


In ages gone by, the gods of the mountains had split the earth in two. Now that passage must form a defense against invaders. Javrik, clan chieftain’s son, has known his wife for only a month when he must fight for her. Arman, soldier from a far-off land, finds himself fighting for people he never knew existed. The lives of nomads, raiders, warriors and lovers are changed forever in the shadow of Grandfather Mountain.


Young and deeply in love, Sange does not realize when she unquestioningly follows her husband to two different fortresses that the greatest danger will come from another woman.


Jalal has always known he was different from others. When he decides to explore his parents’ native Domidia, he understands just how much. There are wrongs to be righted, an occupation to be resisted, and two women who need his help. Giving it may not only cost him his life, but it could result in his family being exiled... or worse. How much can he risk?


I fell in love long ago with fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends, as well as stories of heroes and battles.  Ancient Celtic writings were my special passion, along with the Roman Empire, Roman Britain, the Norman invasion of England, and tales of the Vikings.  My first book emerged when I was an...ahem...youthful 52.  Well, I’m not 52 any more and up to 34 books and it’s been a great run.  

Retired from many years in social work, now I pass my days writing, researching and living with a pack of highly demanding rescue dogs.  I write in every genre I please, usually with a good dose of romance, and you can see my books at


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