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Friday, April 26, 2024

The Knight’s Rebellious Maiden by Ella Matthews 💕 Book Tour and $10 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Historical Romance)

He’s her protector… 
She’s his forbidden temptation! 

He’s her protector…

She’s his forbidden temptation!

Part of The Knights’ Missions. Sir Leopold’s first mission is supposed to be a chance to prove his valour. But, tasked with safely escorting Lady Arianwen to her husband-to-be, Leo finds he is little but a glorified bodyguard. Only the seemingly simple mission goes awry when Ari proves that she’s willing to do anything to get away from her impending nuptials. As attraction sparks between them, can Leo choose knightly duty over love and deliver Ari to her wedding?

Intro to the extract: Sir Leopold is tasked with escorting a maiden to her wedding, little does he know that Lady Arianwen has plans of her own. In the below extract the pair have just begun their journey and are testing one another out.

She laughed again and the sound was like the sun coming out after days of rain. ‘What would you talk about to your fellow knights?’ she asked.

‘Um…’ He tilted his head to the side. ‘Anything. Everything. Nothing that would be of interest to you.’

‘Why don’t you let me decide that?’

He scratched his chin. He didn’t want to talk about the problems they’d faced recently, which was the topic that had dominated all their talk over the past month. He also didn’t want to discuss his plans for his future because it didn’t feel right, but that left his mind strangely blank. ‘Swords. We talk about swords.’ Did they? He couldn’t remember but it seemed like something a maiden might believe a knight talked about a lot.

‘Really? What about swords?’

‘The quality.’

‘I see.’

He glanced across at her again. Her eyes were shining as she looked at the path ahead. ‘I fear you are laughing at me again.’

‘Never.’ But he didn’t miss the way her shoulders shook.

‘I speak the truth.’ Now he was just talking nonsense but he was enjoying the way she was laughing, even if it was at him. He would keep going so long as she was entertained.

‘Is the sword your weapon of choice?’ she asked.

‘It is.’

‘What do you look for in a blade?’

‘The quality of the metal used, the craftsmanship and the balance.’

She nodded thoughtfully. ‘Does your current sword match these criteria?’

‘It does.’

‘May I see it?’

He leaned down and loosened it from its scabbard where it was tied to Bosco’s side. He pulled it free, the familiar weight an extension of his arm.

‘May I hold it?’ Lady Arianwen was reaching out her hand as if she expected him to hand his blade over to her.

He barked out a laugh. ‘What sort of knight would that make me if I handed my blade over to someone I barely know?’

‘You don’t trust me?’

Their gazes met and something hot and powerful simmered between them, something he had to ignore. ‘I only trust two people and I am afraid you are not one of them. Not yet anyway.’

She dropped her hand, a look passing across her face. ‘That seems fair enough.’ She turned back to face the direction they were travelling, and he had the feeling he had passed some sort of test, one he’d had no idea he had been set.

He sheathed his sword and then leaned back in his saddle, allowing Lady Arianwen to pull ahead of him slightly. She really was a good rider, her slender frame swaying comfortably with her horse’s gait. She pushed her hair away from her shoulders, pulling it away from the nape of her neck before allowing it to fall slowly back down. He realised he was staring and forced himself to look away, only to find his eyes pulled back. The urge to spur Bosco forward until he was closer, to lift her heavy strands of hair away and let them fall through his fingers, was almost overwhelming. He gripped his reins tighter and this time succeeded in tearing his gaze away.

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Ella Matthews lives and works in beautiful South Wales. When not thinking about handsome heroes she can be found walking along the coast with her husband and their two children (probably still thinking about heroes but at least pretending to be interested in everyone else). 


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